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Hi everyone!  Glad I could participate in ManLove Fantasies Winter Edition.  Thanks, Stormy, for having me as a guest!
I write gay romantic fiction for Siren-BookStrand. My books are not for the faint of heart. While my stories contain eroticism, they also have passion and romance. My husband, John, is my muse. I infuse my characters with bits and pieces of the man who shares my life.
Hope all of you enjoy my short story, Home for the Holidays.  I look forward to hearing from readers, so feel free to share your thoughts.
~ Andrew ~
Home for the Holidays
By Andrew Jericho
            Grant Montclair wrapped a towel around his waist, as he stepped out of his shower.  He wiped the steam from the mirror.  Grant’s body glistened with droplets of hot water.  Brown eyes, the color of warm cocoa, reflected in the mirror.  Grant ran his hand through hair, a few shades darker than his eyes.  He really should have gotten that haircut earlier in the week.   Grant’s appearance would have to suffice for his dinner date with Professor Northwood.
            Smiling, Grant made a mental note.  The professor asked to be called Brett.  A tender first kiss last week, as they hid in the stacks of the university library, had been the reason.  That same night, Grant had laid in bed, his thoughts returning to the shared affection between himself and the sexy marketing instructor.
            Grant still fantasized about the ruggedly handsome man who appeared to be in his late forties. When Grant had wrapped his hand around his own dick, it was Brett’s lips he imagined sliding down the shaft.  That night, Grant had come hard and quick.  His release had burned its way through his body.  As shots of cum hit his hand, Grant had whispered the professor’s name in the dark.  The cum should have hit the back of Brett’s throat. 
As he wiped the steam from the mirror again, Grant indulged in thoughts rivaling the passion of the hand job in his bed. He imagined his fingers tangled in the professor’s salt-and-pepper hair. Two light-blue eyes, full of trust, met his while he lubed the rim of the man he was falling in love with.  Grant wondered if Brett would like the feel of his hard cock slipping inside his warmth. Surely, the man would enjoy his hips cupped in Grant’s hands while being made love to.  Grant liked to top, but wouldn’t mind versatility, too, if Brett desired it.
Beneath the towel, Grant’s cock was hard.  He sighed, running his hands through his hair again.  The affection in the library had been hot.  Now, the indulgence in his bathroom did nothing to cool the flames.  Trying to push thoughts of the professor into the back of his mind was futile.  His efforts failed.  Grant hadn’t been able to control his heart since the start of fall semester, so there was no point in trying to contain his emotions now.
Brett taught graduate level marketing courses at a private university in Little Rock, Arkansas, where Grant was seeking his MBA. The instructor was not only sexy, but brilliant. From the moment Brett entered the classroom, he commanded respect from his students. However, the professor accomplished this through a laid-back and informal approach to learning. Professor Northwood was a classic gentleman who made everyone feel their thoughts and ideas mattered. His classes weren’t stylized lectures, but interactive experiences between instructor and student.  Ideas and theories were discussed as a group effort.
Grant had walked into Brett’s classroom four months ago falling into lust. Now, two weeks before Christmas, Grant was falling into love. Their shared kiss was the culmination. From shaking Brett’s hand on the second day of class, to feeling the instructor’s lips against his, Grant knew love was no respecter of age.
Having been raised by an affluent family, Grant hadn’t worked a day in his life. At twenty-seven years old, his college tuition and lifestyle were funded by his daddy’s pocketbook. 
That would include his posh home in The Heights and the Jaguar F-Type sports car parked in the garage downstairs. Grant’s parents knew he was gay. He had come out to them at eighteen, shortly after high school graduation.
Well, Grant really hadn’t had a choice in coming out. His parents had come home early from work and caught him in bed with a man. While he had sat down for a conversation with his father about his sexuality, his mother had retreated to her bedroom with a bottle of Valium. Grant knew his parents didn’t approve, but it hadn’t stopped his monthly allowance checks or them taking an interest in his life. Grant still wondered if their doting was more from guilt than love.
Since his first sexual encounter, Grant had experienced terrible luck at finding love. Oh, a cheap roll in the sack was easy to obtain, particularly when prospective love interests found out about his money. Over the last nine years, Grant had his pick of those boyfriends. One-night stands and friends-with-benefits arrangements had lost their appeal. He wasn’t sure if they had ever satisfied him. Perhaps, they had been replacements for the love he had craved from his parents as a child. Grant’s parents were always consumed with their careers.
Now as Grant stood in his bathroom combing his damp hair, the only way he could explain his love for Brett was by realizing all the cheap sexual encounters had led him to this man. What Grant had thought was the lust of a first handshake, had turned into something much more intense. There was no denying the romantic and sexual tension he felt with Brett. Tonight, he was telling the man how he felt over dinner. Then, he was inviting the professor to spend Christmas with him and his parents.
Pulling Grant from his thoughts, he realized the doorbell was on its second ring. Slipping on a pair of lounge pants and T-shirt, Grant ran down the steps from his master suite. Opening the door, he was surprised to find Brett returning his stare. The professor was also holding two Styrofoam containers, the ones restaurants provided for takeout.
“I’m sorry to drop by unannounced.” Brett spoke first. “I haven’t been to The Heights in a while. I had forgotten how nice the homes are.  We’re going to have to eat here.  The weatherman missed his mark.  The snow is turning into a blizzard.  The radio said there’s already six inches on the ground at the airport.  The roads are awful.”
Grant said nothing, surprised to see the professor two hours before their scheduled date at seven.  He knew something was wrong besides the drifts of snow forming on his front lawn.
“I didn’t know where else to go.” Brett spoke again.
Not knowing what was going on, Grant thought he would advance the conversation at Brett’s pace.
“Brett, you’re welcome here anytime,” Grant said.  “I hope you know that.  We can eat dinner here if you’d like. I’ll get us some plates.”
As Brett followed Grant through the foyer which led to the great room, Grant noticed the instructor remained quiet and refused to make eye contact.
“Grant, you have a nice home.”
            They continued through the formal dining room, finally ending up in the kitchen.
            “My mother is the one to thank for the furnishings, including all of the holiday festivities,” Grant said.  “She seems to think I need Christmas decorations in every room. Sometimes it’s easier to just let Mother do whatever she wants. In the end, I don’t have to worry about my house, and she’s happy.”
            “It’s certainly classic and masculine. Like something from a Ralph Lauren Home catalogue.”
            Retrieving two plates from the cabinet, Grant arranged the place settings on top of his granite bar.
            “Is this all right?” Grant asked. “We could eat in the dining room.”
            “This is fine. Look, Grant, we need to talk.”
            “What’s wrong, honey?”
            “Damn, that sounds good,” Brett replied.
            Brett’s emotions hardened Grant’s cock, as he sat down to hide his erection.
            “What does?” Grant asked.
            While Grant waited for Brett to reply, he opened the first box of food.
            “Prime rib.” Grant spoke.
            “Both meals are the same. I got them from the restaurant you invited me to for dinner.”
            As Grant placed the food on their plates, Brett took a seat on a barstool.
            “I never answered either of your questions,” Brett said.  “First, hearing you call me ‘honey’ makes me want what’s going on between us all the more.”
            He’s admitting there’s something between us. Grant smiled.
            “Second, I lost my tenure today and my career. The chancellor wants my office cleaned out by the end of the week. Like I said, I didn’t know where else to go.  Then, the apocalyptic conditions outside.”
            Brett’s voice breaking tore at Grant’s heart. The professor had turned his face away, staring at a random point on the wall. Grant was contemplating taking Brett into his arms, but thought better of it. Instead Grant reached for Brett’s hand, and was surprised when the man’s fingers tangled with his own.
            “This is my fault,” Grant said.
            “I’m a grown man, Grant. I knew the consequences, but my heart has always had a mind of its own.”
            “I was the one who asked you to have coffee with me in the student union in September. Then I kissed you in the library.”
            “Yes, but I didn’t have to have coffee with you. I wanted to, very much. I also returned your affection in the stacks.”  
            “We’ve been having coffee together three times a week after class. Did someone say something?”
            “Of course, but I was not told who.”
            “We should have gone someplace else. I’ve been incredibly stupid. I knew your position at the college.”
            Brett’s fingers began to caress his own.   Desire rushed through Grant’s body. The professor’s touch continued to harden his dick.
            “There’s no way you could have known what was in my contract,” Brett said. “I agreed to not fraternize with students, and to avoid any controversial relationships.”
            Controversial relationships, what the hell does that mean?”
            “I’d like to think it’s what I share with you.”
            A real relationship. A passionate love affair. Grant’s hands trembled.  Releasing his fingers from the professor’s touch, Grant stood up and retrieved a bottle of wine nearby.
            “Tell me what happened.” Grant spoke, pouring them both a glass of red wine.      
“I thought I was hungry,” Brett said, laying his fork down. 
“Bring your wine and come sit with me in the great room. I started a fire before I got in the shower.”
Grant put his arm around the professor’s waist, as they left the kitchen. Back in the great room, Grant dimmed the lights as Brett took a seat on the leather sofa in front of the fireplace.
Grant remained quiet as Brett consumed the entire glass of alcohol. Setting his own glass down on the coffee table, Grant pulled his lover into his arms. They were now lying together on the sofa, as he placed a throw over their bodies.
“Now talk to me, Brett.”
“I’m sorry about dinner.”
“This is proving be much more intimate. There’s something I wanted to tell you, too. That’s why I invited you to dinner tonight.”
“What did you want to tell me?”
“It can wait. Right now, you’re supposed to be talking to me.”
Brett pressed his body closer.
Grant didn’t have a chance to say anything else.
“I was working on final grades in my office,” Brett said.  “They have to be posted at the end of the week. The chancellor’s secretary came to my door and told me to come to his office. The chancellor, his secretary, and deans from both the Marketing and Business departments were waiting.”
Grant placed a tender kiss on Brett’s neck, not caring if the man felt his erection.
“An anonymous complaint was made about our coffee meetings in the student union and the kiss in the library,” Brett said. 
“Did they ask about our relationship off campus—the phones calls and e-mails?”
“Yes, but they didn’t know about those specifically. I was asked about the nature of our relationship both on and off campus. I didn’t deny anything. I told them point blank I was in love with you.”
In love with you.  Brett’s voice echoed in Grant’s mind.
“The chancellor has access to all of my records online, including my gradebook.  Brett spoke again.  “The marks I had given you were called into question. All three men present suggested I could not remain unbiased in my evaluation of your classroom performance.”
“I’m so sorry.”
“I knew it was going to happen. Half expected it really. Still hurts like hell though. Baby, I want you to know I defended you and the grades I gave you. Grant, you earned every one of them. I told them you were my best student. That’s not biased, that’s the truth. I’m very proud of you.”
While Grant tried to process the instructor’s words, Brett had pulled from their embrace. Grant’s mind was still holding to Brett’s admission of love.
“I’ve got something for you,” Brett said.
“Where are you going?” Grant asked, sitting up on the sofa.
“I left it in my coat in the kitchen.”
Brett returned with a small wrapped package, placing the gift in Grant’s hands.  “Call it an early graduation and Christmas gift. Now open it.”
Grant pulled the gold ribbon, releasing the silver paper from the box. Inside, he found a  
black and gold metal ballpoint pen. 
            “This is very nice.  Thank you.”
            “Every businessman needs his own pen. I had the barrel engraved. Read the inscription.”
            “Grant Montclair, MBA.”
            “Congratulations, baby, you’ve earned every one of those letters after your name.”
            Placing the pen and wrapping paper on the coffee table, Grant took Brett’s hands into his own. For a few minutes both men said nothing, while they stared into each other’s eyes.
“I love you, too,” Grant said. “That’s what I wanted to tell you at dinner tonight.”
“There’s another reason why I’m here, other than bringing you dinner and the gift. Besides not knowing who else I could share my pain with, I also wanted to share my love. I’m sorry if I’ve ever made you feel like I wasn’t readily returning your attentions.”
“And there’s a foot of snow on the ground, too.”  Grant smiled.  “Seriously, I never thought that. I know you responded to my kiss in the library.”
“I was holding back.”
“Grant, I had to be sure what I was feeling was love. Today’s meeting in the chancellor’s office ended those doubts. At the close of the meeting, I was told I had two options. The first was to end our relationship and keep my tenure and position at the university. The second was termination if I chose to pursue any further contact with you. I chose the latter.”
“I don’t know what to say, it’s not every day a man gives up his career for love.”
“I was going to retire early in a few years anyway. I’ve taught for twenty years. I have a sound stock portfolio to accommodate my needs. If my investments are not enough, I’ll finish the book I started last spring.”
“I want to take care of your needs.”
Brett smiled.  “I should be the one saying that’s not the role of the handsome younger man, but the responsibility of the older gentleman.”
“I’ve never thought of you as older…smarter…but not older.”
            “In this case, flattery will get you everywhere. I’ll turn forty-eight in a few months.”
“Where will flattery get me?” Grant asked.
Still holding Brett’s hands, Grant moved within an inch of his lover’s mouth. He was tired of fighting his erection and the desire to revisit those lips. One of his fingers was now tracing the outline of that same mouth.
“Flattery, my love, will get you a commitment to me,” Brett said.  “Commit to me, Grant.  Make love with me.”
The romantic and sexual tension between them burned hotter than the fire casting a soft glow in the room. All was quiet except for the crackle of the logs. In a corner of the room, lights from one of Grant’s many Christmas trees twinkled. Grant wasn’t sure if the smells of spice were from the holiday centerpiece on his coffee table, or from Brett’s cologne. Right now, the only thoughts he could process centered on the words “relationship,” “love,” and “commitment.” All three words had escaped his lover’s lips tonight.
“I want to make love with you, too. Grant spoke, brushing his lips across Brett’s full mouth. “Right here, right now, in front of the fire.  Doesn’t look like we’ll be going anywhere soon.”
No man had ever stared at Grant the way Brett was. All of the cheap sexual encounters, that had left him feeling alone and empty, were fading from his memory. Instead, they were being replaced with the honest love of a man that had asked him for a commitment.
“Damn it.” Grant’s nerves got the best of him.  He stood, and ran a hand through his hair. “I’ve thought many times about this moment.  What I would do and say.”
“It’s all right,” Brett replied, joining him near the fireplace. “Our hearts are going to do most of the talking.”
“I need to go upstairs to my bedroom. I’ve got a present for you that needs wrapping. There’s also no lube down here. I—”
“Shh.  Let me take control.”
“I kissed you in the library. I—”
Brett’s hands were cupping his face, as his lover’s eyes met his.
“I’ve got a small tube of slick and a condom in my pocket.”  Brett spoke.
“That was presumptuous.”
“Maybe then, but not now.  I’ve wanted to be inside you for so long.”
Brett moved closer, pulling Grant into his arms. His eyes closed in pleasure.
“All I’ve ever wanted was to find love,” Grant said.”
            Brett slipped Grant’s T-shirt over his head.  The professor’s lips were against his neck. Warm hands caressed the skin of Grant’s back. Fumbling with the buttons of Brett’s dress shirt, Grant finally managed to remove the piece of clothing from his lover’s body.
Grant wasn’t acting like the confident man who had kissed the professor in the library. If anything, he was behaving like a nervous teenager. Most times, he wondered if his confidence was just a front to hide the hurt. Settling had not been easy. Grant had never gotten what he desired, or craved, in past relationships. Then Brett had walked into his life. The man was everything he wanted. This time, Grant had pursued the object of his affections, and was holding the reward in his arms.
“I want to fuck you,” Brett spoke into Grant’s ear.  “Have you ever had a man inside you?”  Brett’s lips kissed Grant’s shoulders.
 “A few times.”
“I’ve experienced both. I’ll be gentle. I promise.”
Brett reached for some pillows and the throw from the sofa. “Can we use these?”  He tossed them in the floor.
“Yeah, sure,” Grant replied.  He removed his lounge pants.
While Brett removed the rest of his clothing, Grant spread the afghan in front of the fire, arranging the pillows nearby.  Within a few seconds, Grant was lying beneath Brett’s nude body. Brett’s lips were on his, tender at first, then becoming more urgent. Grant’s mouth parted, allowing Brett’s tongue inside.
            “I fear our lovemaking is going to become intense and passionate fairly quickly. Are you ready for that?” Brett asked.
            “I feel like I’m coming home.”
            “Baby, you are. My heart has been there from the first time your hand shook mine.”
            Grant gasped when one of Brett’s knees pushed his thighs apart. Brett stopped long enough to retrieve the lube and condom from his pants pocket.  Even though his lover had slicked a couple of fingers, they didn’t penetrate Grant’s body immediately. Instead, Brett’s lips had begun a trail of fire from his shoulders, down his torso. As his partner’s mouth inched toward his dick, Grant groaned. When Grant’s cockhead slipped between Brett’s lips he arched his body off the blanket.
Brett’s tongue licked down the shaft of Grant’s dick. The fantasy of having his cock hitting the back of Brett’s throat was becoming a reality. Everything was happening so quickly, yet Brett’s urgency was mixed with love. His lover’s fingers finally penetrated him. As the first digit slipped past his rim, the next followed.
“So tight,” Brett said. “I’m going to take care of that though.”
Grant tangled his hands in Brett’s hair.  The professor’s lips were still wrapped around his dick.  Grant relaxed and opened his heart to Brett’s lovemaking.  Brett’s fingers bottomed out. 
“There you go,” Brett said. “Damn, that ass is so tight.”
The lights from the tree, and the flicker of the fire, were still providing enough light for Grant to see Brett’s eyes. His lover’s face was between his legs, and Brett’s lips were giving him the best head he had ever received.
“Oh, fuck! Fuck!” Grant moaned.
Brett’s mouth left his dick. Grant protested.  He tugged his lover’s hair.  “Don’t stop! Please!”
“I’m not.”
Brett was right.  Now instead of his partner’s fingers inside him, Brett’s tongue alternated in rhythm.  Grant’s body had begun to tremble.  A mind-altering blow job, and now rimming going well beyond another man licking his tongue across his entry, made Grant insane.  Brett was experienced all right.  Damn hot, too.  The man, whose tongue pressed in and out of his body, looked at least ten years younger, and behaved like it, too.  So fucking good.  The more Brett continued the anal foreplay, Grants thoughts continued to run wild.  Lost in his lover’s touch, Grant startled when Brett’s lips now moved against his ear lobe.  Brett’s body had once again covered his torso.   
 “Grant, you’re ready—you’re prostate’s swollen and you’re restless with desire. Two signs you’re ready to understand what being my husband means. This is what two men do who love each other.”
Grant’s faced flushed.  The heat traveled its way to his groin. He was so hard.  All he could think about was more of Brett’s touch, while returning the affection with his own hands.
“What makes you think that?” Grant asked, breathless.
Desperate to try and remain somewhat in control, Grant flipped Brett onto his back. “There’s more than one way for you to take the lead with me tonight, while giving me some control.”
“Dirty frat boy!”
Grant straddled Brett’s hips.  “I don’t want to use the condom.  I love you and want a commitment.”
Brett raised his body so their chests met.  “I love you, too.  I wasn’t sure.  I haven’t been with anyone in a while.  So—”
“I test.  We’re good.”  Grant lowered his rim down on his lover’s cockhead. “Oh, damn, Brett!”  The burn heightened his arousal.  Grant’s muscles opened and sheathed Brett’s dick in a tight embrace.
 “Go slow, baby. Take all the time you need.”
            Grant was being held against Brett’s chest.  His lover placed tender kisses on his neck and chest.  The professor’s hands roamed his back and buttocks. 
“Am I making you feel good?” Grant asked.
“Hell yes! I love you so much, Grant.”
Brett was swollen hard inside him, filling him completely, while each inch of his lover’s dick brought intense pleasure.  Though Grant was still aware of the painful burn.
“I know it hurts.”  Brett mouthed the words against Grant’s lips.  “Maybe this will help.”
Brett’s voice soothed Grant’s body and soul. With his anal cavity bottomed out on his partner’s cock, Grant moaned when Brett reclined backward. Grant’s chest was now pressed tight against Brett’s torso. One of the professor’s hands was guiding his hips, while the other was tangled in his hair.
“I’m going to reach my hand between us, baby,” Brett said. “A top is used to certain sensations during lovemaking.”
Grant cried out when Brett’s fingers wrapped around his dick, stroking him in rhythm with the rocking of their bodies. Grant had buried Brett’s cock inside him, and both men where simultaneously grinding against each other.
“I want to come.”  Grant was restless.
“I know you do, baby. You will.”
Brett’s lips were all over his neck and upper body. The burning had dissipated, replaced with a driving, blinding need to finish consummating their commitment.
Grant was then flipped onto his back.  The professor started a series of firm, even thrusts into his body. The tight grip of his lover’s hand was still pumping his cock. The pleasure was more than his body could take, and Grant’s release hit him hard.
“Brett! Oh, damn, I love you!”  Grant’s body arched sharply, while Brett caught him tight”
“That’s it, baby, spill your seed! Shit, your ass is vibrating around my dick!”
Grant tried hard to regain his composure. Brett was close, and he wanted to enjoy not only the afterglow of his own climax, but was curious about how the professor would enjoy his release.  Now, Brett was the one trembling.  Brett’s lips were near his ear.  Private endearments were spoken for Grant only.  The dialog was from Brett’s heart. 
 “My love…my sweet Grant.”
Rapid shots of Brett’s cum filled him.   Grant clung to the body holding him tight.
Now lips, like the flutter of butterfly wings, were covering his face and neck with tender kisses. Grant’s wrist was being clasped, and his arm placed above his head. When their fingers met the pillow, they instantly twined.
“Home is a nice place to be for the holidays.” Brett spoke against Grant’s lips.
Somewhere between coming and Brett’s release, Grant had closed his eyes. While they remained shut, Brett’s lips grazed his eye lids.
“Open your eyes and look into mine,” Brett said.”     
“I’m scared.”
“Don’t be. Don’t ever be with me.”
Obeying his partner’s request, Grant opened his eyes. The emotions staring back were stronger than before they had made love.”
“I love you, Grant Montclair.”
The erotic scents of lovemaking filled the air, as Grant was pulled into a tight embrace. Brett had rolled to his back, taking Grant with him. He could hear the beating of his lover’s heart. The professor’s hands were caressing his body, as if he were being soothed.
“I love you, too,” Grant said. “I want you to live with me, so we can further understand what that commitment means.”
“What about your parents?”
“I told them last week I was in love with someone, and they were going to get to meet him over Christmas.”
“Are you inviting me to meet your parents?  I’m a little old for that.”
“They will want to meet my husband.”
“I’d like that very much.”  Brett responded, still stroking Grant’s body.
“Will you stay with me tonight?” Grant asked.
“I’m staying tonight, and every other night. Like I said, Grant, I don’t know where else to go, except to come home for the holidays.”
The End


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Andrew Jericho is a Messianic Jewish Rabbi, gay romantic fiction author for Siren-BookStrand Publishing, LGBTQIAP rights activist, humanitarian, and freelance journalist/photographer.  His books explore gay men in real situations of life and love.  Andrew blends romance, passion, and eroticism into all of his characters.
Andrew is a gay transgender man, who lives with his husband, John, and family.  He enjoys photography, eclectic tastes in music and the arts, and browsing the local library and art galleries.  All of Andrew’s work can be found at: http://andrewjericho.com/.  Website currently under construction
For more places to find Andrew on the Web visit:

Facebook Profile:     https://www.facebook.com/AndrewKJericho



  Hi everyone!   Glad I could participate in ManLove Fantasies Winter Edition.   Thanks, Stormy, for having me as a guest! I write gay...