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ManLove Winter Fantasies

Lilybeth Zefram

*In Summer I introduced you to Kit and his lion Leo, then in Autumn/Fall I introduced to you Elijah and his bears, Gabe and Xander. For Winter – and New Years! – I introduce you to Dexter Collins the brown bear shifter and lion shifter Angus Pard. Additionally, I must apologise, I’m afraid I’m one of those authors who have the ideas but not the time get them down. That being said, yes I know I’m rather slow. So here is just another tease of the world of the shifters Gosper and Furnas County *


Dexter Collins

I started packing for my trip to Arapahoe, Nebraska a week and a half before I left. I was going to see my best friend, Eli Arcadius. Although when I last saw him only six weeks ago, right before Halloween, he had been Eli Pryde. A visit to see his little brother, Kit, who had found his mate, led to Eli finding his mate. Now I was going to meet my best friend’s two mates for New Years.

In my defence I was packing a week and a half earlier because I was leaving on Christmas night, while my home pack of coyotes continued the Christmas celebrations. But there were still the pack celebrations on Christmas Eve as well to attend. There was a lot of partying at that time of year and I although I didn’t thrive on the celebration, I would be a fool to say that I didn’t enjoy the holiday season.

Honestly, though, if it wasn’t for Christmas, I would have only packed a week before I left. I was that organised and that excited for my trip. Eli’s parents and our alpha and his mate were the only members of the pack who had gone to see Eli and Kit in Nebraska where they now lived with their mates.

I may live in a coyote pack, but my father’s genetics won out and instead of shifting into a coyote, I shifted into a brown bear, just like my dad. My parents had just chosen to settle in my mother’s home pack. The pack that I called my family. There was no such thing as half breeds in the shifter world. I child would be either one or the other of their parent’s animals. There were even stories that sometimes a child could inherit an animal from a grandparent or some other distant relative – it was all down to the chance of genetics.

For a bear, I am fairly much a runt.

I think that was why Eli became friends with me so quickly when we were kids. Eli isn’t exactly the biggest coyote around. Neither of us are twinks, but we aren’t exactly hulking masses of muscle either. Though if you ask his little brother, I bet Kit would have told you that Eli was God Himself.

I just think it’s funny that my best friend got himself mated to two black bears. Black bear shifters were known for two things: one, it wasn’t unusual alphas, betas and enforcers to have more than mate, and two, male alphas could get their very male mates pregnant. Fortunately, brown bears were just like any other shifter. Sure there was the odd threesome mating, but male pregnancy was something only seen a few shifter species.

On Christmas Night, I took a flight from San Diego International Airport.

My dad drove me and dropped me off at the domestic terminal. I was flying from San Diego to Lincoln.

I just hoped that there were no major storms that fucked up my trip. Or snow. As a native Californian who has always lived in San Diego, snow was an alien concept to me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really have many options about the airline to get me there. I had to swallow my pride and fly on a couple of my least preferred budget airlines. Not naming names, but it starts with a U and ends with a D. I’ve had one bad experience with them that left me stranded overnight and had never wanted to board one of their planes again. It was only a six hour flight, excluding stopover in Chicago, in all, but seriously, I just wanted a direct flight to Lincoln, Nebraska. Of course, there was no such thing.

After what I knew would be a horrendous flight – and what ended up being exactly as horrendous as I expected – I went to the hire car desk at the airport. Being that it was now seven thirty am, the clerk was only half awake and bundled in multiple layers of clothing which appeared to be a bit damp. That did not bode well for me, especially since I saw the dusting of snow outside on the runway.

That was when disaster struck.

“I’m sorry, sir. Your booking was cancelled. We don’t have any spare cars left. You’ll just have to try your luck with the other hire companies.”

“Try my luck?”

I wanted to cry. I just dealt with two crowded flights and two crowded airports. I had landed in Chicago at two am and waited until five am to board my flight for the final hour and forty five minute flight to Lincoln. The food and drink, what little there had been, had been absolutely horrible. To top that all off the lady next to me threw up twice during the flight. Thank god I was a shifter and didn’t have to worry if she was going to pass some illness onto me. The downside to all of this was  that I had a really shit sleep too.

I turned and walked away from the car hire service desk.

I was truly ready for a meltdown when cell phone, which I had just turned back on after the flight, rang. It was my best friend.

“Morning, Sunshine!” Eli all but sang into the phone.

“How can you be so happy so early in the morning?”

“I’m always happy. I get fucked by my two hot mates.” There was no hesitation, but Eli finished his sentence with a giggle. I heard the soft chuckles of at least one of those two mates in the background.

“I got no time for this, Eli, apparently my car booking was cancelled. I sure as fuck didn’t cancel it.”

“About that,” Eli cleared his throat. “That was me.”

“What the fuck, man?” I hissed into the phone, not wanting to cause a scene. “I –”

I felt the tears start to gather in the corners in my eyes. I felt all kinds of fool for wanting to cry over something so stupid.

“Look, it was me that did it. I’m not your best friend for nothing. You can get pissed at me later. But for now, look for a guy at the arrivals desk holding a sign with your name. That’s Ben. He’s one of my brother-in-laws. He’s Gabe’s younger brother. You’re going to be tired and there is snow forecast. I decided that I wanted you here in one piece, so decided to organise a lift for you. Gabe said that Ben was more than happy to do the drive. He drove up last night and stayed at a hotel.”

“Jesus, you get mated to an alpha and a beta and you become one bossy bastard.”

“I was always bossy,” Eli said gleefully. “But I have to with my men and our son. I need to keep them in line.”

I had no energy to argue. I really was thankful. I had not relished the idea of a four hour drive after a night of taking flights cross country.


Angus Pard

Don’t you hate it when there is one party-pooper, spoiling the party for everyone around him by being sad and down in the dumps?

Well, guess what, I’m that person everyone is getting annoyed at the New Years Eve party for the Furnas and Gosper shifter pack, clan and pride. It was being hosted out in the open at the bear clan alpha’s ranch, which was run by the clan’s beta while the alpha performed his duties as mayor of the town of Arapahoe. This year was particularly special because two shifters in the area, brothers, gave our local alliance extra strength by mating into the lion pride and the bear clan.

The lion who was mated was my cousin, Leo, who was delirously happy with his mate, Kit, who was a vet who had moved from San Diego six months earlier. Likewise, just a couple months ago at Halloween, his brother – really, stepbrother – arrived and ended up mating to the black bear clan alpha and beta. Those three were also deliriously happy. The two bears were very protective of their coyote mate.

Everyone was dancing, singing some horrible karaoke and generally having a good time. The shifters of the area were prospering and it was reflected in their celebrations.

But then there was me.

Down in the dumps.

The grumpy Gus, pun intended.

I’ve not found my mate but I have been in love.

That was until the guy decided to split town. I found out he had a boyfriend. I hated that I was the other person in a relationship.

What had made it worse was that I had allowed myself to be strung along to the point that I had protected a man who ended up being a stalker.

A man who had then held a gun to my head. A gun that had been loaded and although I hadn’t been shot in the head, I had been shot in a few other choice spots and had taken me almost three months to recover.

That was really what had fucked me up.

Kit told me that New Year’s Eve was a time for new beginnings. I could start fresh and put my past firmly behind me. I could move on because there was no reason for me to feel guilt, although I had good reason to be deeply affected by the rest of my ordeal.

I told Kit that he should keep his day job as a vet and not become a therapist.

He was pretty shit at trying to make me feel better.

Yet something drew me into the crowd of people as they milled around, having drinks and waiting for the countdown to midnight. We were promised a magnificent firework display from the mayor, but I couldn’t have cared less about fireworks.

That was when I saw an angel. He was an angel who I sensed to be some kind of bear. He didn’t give the same vibes as the black bears did and he was definitely someone I hadn’t seen before. I was transfixed as I saw the angel speak to Kit and his brother. My cousin’s mate was laughing at something the angel had said.

Then we made eye contact and I knew that I had met my destiny.

He was my chance at a new beginning.

Yet, I had to ask myself, could I honestly take that chance?

This was my mate and I was ready to run a million miles away so he wasn’t tainted by my baggage.



Dexter Collins

The New Year celebration at Eli’s and his mates’ ranch was in full swing when a scent tickled my nose. I was talking to Kit and his mate, Leo, at that point. I made mention of the delicious scent.

Leo had said that no scents had changed and that there were no unfamiliar scents in the air. It was Kit who had got an excited glint in his eyes, wondering if I had found my mate.

“If that’s true then you need to market this place as some haven to find your mate. Seriously, you and Eli have taken three guys off the market here.”

Kit laughed. He thought it would be a good idea for a tourism campaign and wondered if he should tell his brother-in-law the mayor about it. Leo had smirked, suggesting that there were still plenty of other men and women to go around.

Then I saw the most mesmerising person I have ever encountered. He had to be lion, going by how similar he looked to Leo. He was a dirty, sandy type of blonde with neat, short hair. He also had the most soulful brown eyes I had ever seen in my life.

“Who is that?”

“Who?” Kit followed my gaze with a frown. “Oh, that Angus Pard. Leo’s cousin. He’s a really nice guy, but he’s a little messed up. He was shot three times – two of them in the chest and the other in the back. He took two months to recover physically, but his mind is still tied up in binds.”

I turned back and frowned at Kit.

“Well, in that case, who better than me to help?”

“You’re a yoga instructor, not a therapist.”

“True,” I agreed. “However, I am his mate.”

This was going to be a new beginning for us both.

If my mate was broken, I was going to make sure she was put back together again piece by piece so that I could shower him with my love for the rest of our lives.

He took one step towards me. That was a good start.

I smiled across the crowd at him and also took a step. I was a little reticent, but that was because when I had heard his story from Eli. I didn’t want to scare my mate away. I knew that I was going to be up for a fight against some mighty inner demons.

But I was totally ready for the next chapter in my life to start.

I smiled up at my handsome mate.

“Hello, my name is Dexter Collins. I grew up in the same pack as Eli Arcadius and Kit Pard. Eli is my best friend.” I bit my bottom lip. “I... I am so happy to finally meet you, my mate.”

Angus just blinked at me a couple times. Then he gave a shy smile, which seemed odd from someone who exuded so much power as he did.

“Hi. I’m Angus Pard. Leo’s my cousin. I... I figure you’ve probably heard that I’m screwed up in my head but... but... I am to meet you, my mate.” Angus was so painfully shy, something that I don’t think was normal for this man. “I... I don’t want to push you away, but I don’t want to... I don’t want to screw you up or screw our mating up.”

I beamed up at the gentle giant.

“How could you ruin anything when you’re my happily ever after?”

“That’s a fairytale ending and this is real life.”

I shrugged. “Does it matter? And did anyone say anything about ending?”

I took his hands and like a gallant gentleman, I placed a kiss on the back of his palms.

“Nothing matters but us. It’s going to you and me against the world if we have to.” I told Angus, fully believing every word that I said.

Angus gave me a tentative smile. “Thank you, my mate.”

“We’re just getting started.” I winked, ready to seduce my mate.


Ewan Hulme, eldest of the Hulme siblings, is a school teacher who has not worried about his single status in the two years since his previous relationship ended. Ewan comes from a family where ménage is an accepted way of life—whether gay or straight.
Ewan is very definitely gay and enjoys the intimacy of having a close physical and emotional relationship with his men. He does crave the need and fulfillment that comes with the love of two other men in his life even after being burned. He just didn’t expect his life to take such a wonderful turn when he traveled interstate for a conference.
Cooper Ambarsan is a financial advisor who bumps into Ewan while attending a conference. He and his boyfriend, artist Simon Weir, are on the lookout for their perfect third, perhaps even their perfect Mr. Right. They want to settle down with someone who wants more than a few nights of fun.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
Buy link:
Story Excerpt

Ewan nodded a few people that he recognised from the last couple days and went to the room where that morning’s plenary speaker was presenting. Rushing and with his head down, Ewan promptly collided with a strong masculine body. Looking up he met the eyes of a gorgeous brown haired and green eyed man, only a few inches taller than his five-foot-eleven frame.

“I am so sorry,” Ewan hurriedly gushed. He tried not to make a fool of himself but his latte was dripping down his arm and partially down his sleeve, and he was also looking into the face of a veritable god. No kidding, the man was hotter than Chris Hemsworth in his Thor costume. He couldn’t bring himself to think of Chris Hemsworth topless when he was in the television show Home and Away because it was just creepy thinking of a guy that young.

The man smiled. “No worries. I should have been looking where I was going. I apologise for your shirt.”

“No,” Ewan shook his head. “I was honestly not looking where I was going. At least my coffee didn’t get on you. I might have to detour to the bathroom.”

“Are you here for the Australian and New Zealand Institute for Insurance and Finance conference?”

Ewan shook his head. “No, I’m here for the Australian Science Teachers Association conference.”

The other man’s light brown eyebrows rose and he smirked. “I have a few jokes I could say about that, but I’ll hold back.”

“Um, thanks?”

The man’s booming laugh sent a shiver down Ewan’s spine.

“Well, my name is Cooper Ambarsan and I am here for the ANZIIF conference.” The man, Cooper, continued, pronouncing the acronym as “ann-ziff”. He stuck his right hand out to shake hands. Luckily it was Ewan’s right arm that was soaked with coffee.

“I’m Ewan—Ewan Hulme. Obviously, I’m a science teacher. I teach high school level biology and chemistry.”

“I should let you go the toilets to clean up,” Cooper said. “I really am sorry for bumping into you.” The smile he gave could only be described as a devil-may-care expression. “I hope to bump into you again, just not literally.”

“Likewise, Cooper.”

Ewan nodded and felt his face starting to flush red with something between embarrassment and attraction. He had to admit it had been some time—six months—since he last got laid. But it had been even longer—a year—since his ex-boyfriend of six years decided to leave him.

As soon as Cooper turned away, Ewan escaped to the nearest public toilet. He threw the remaining dregs of his coffee in the bin and proceeded to clean up as much as he could. After that the day continued on uneventfully. It was true a few people noticed his coffee stained blue shirt, but Ewan solved that problem by going back to his hotel room and changing into a fresh shirt even though he missed out on most of the lunch break—and the catered lunch.

He didn’t “bump” into Cooper again that day.

However, he did get a bit of a shock when he went back to his hotel for the night and got ready to go out for dinner. On the recommendation of his brother Riker, he was going to a rooftop bar called Bob’s Bar.

Standing there in the foyer of the hotel as he stepped off the elevator was the walking wet dream he had met earlier that day, Cooper. He was currently talking to an equally hot shorter red-head who had piercing blue eyes and couldn’t be much taller than five-foot-six. From the look of it, he could tell that the two men were a couple.

Ewan was ready to walk past the two men when Cooper saw him and called out.

“Ewan, this is my partner, Simon Weir,” Cooper introduced them.

“Well, aren’t you a delicious drink of man, Ewan,” Simon practically purred.

Ewan felt his face burn.

Cooper let out that booming laughter of his, which once again sent a shiver down Ewan’s spine. “Don’t be a queen, Simon, it doesn’t become you.”

Simon instantly changed from the flirtatious queen to an ordinary bloke in the blink of an eye. He merely smirked. “I had to try it on, Coop.”

“My boyfriend is an artist and should never be left on his own. He is ready for a night out on the town,” Cooper explained. “He didn’t realise how much of my time the conference would take.”

“Fair enough, a lot of people don’t realise how much work is actually involved in attending a conference. My family doesn’t.”

“No man or lady to join you?” Simon asked coyly.

Ewan shook his head. “No boyfriend. I broke up with my last long-time boyfriend almost a year ago.” He wasn’t stupid. He could tell that Simon was honestly flirting with him now.

Simon nodded, his eyes sparkling with merriment. “Coop and I are just going to find a place to eat some tea. You should join us, please.”


Adult Excerpt

“Mm-mm, wha… mmm…S…Coo…ah….Hmmm.”

Ewan knew that he was not making any decipherable sounds that could even be considered speech. All he knew was that he had been asleep for what only felt like minutes after fucking Simon while Cooper had been fucking him hard and fast. Now he was opening his eyes and his erection was already standing proudly.

Simon sounded like he stifled a laughed.

Ewan felt the warmth of Simon’s body over his chest and stomach when the man leaned over to kiss him on the mouth. Simon teased the corners of his lips and nipped at his lower lip. “Wake up, Ewie. Ewan Jr is awake and very happy.”

Groaning, Ewan felt himself waking up more, feeling Cooper’s soft and gentle hands between his legs as he gently fingered Ewan’s well-used hole. He bit his bottom lip, trying to contain his arousal.

“Oh, God, Coop.”

Cooper kept fingering his hole, running a finger along his taint before proceeding to stroke Ewan’s balls.

Ewan felt so rung out, physically and emotionally, that he wanted to weep from the pleasure. But he managed to not to. Instead, now fully awake, he was more interested in fixing the erection that his lovers had, no doubt, made sure he had.

“I’m going to fuck this sexy hole again, Ewan.” Cooper’s words held a sensuous, dark promise while his kiss was savage. “And,” Cooper murmured into his ear, “Simon is going to suck that beautiful long cock of yours until you come down his throat.”

There had never been any real doubt that Simon was the more dominant partner in their trio. Cooper seemed to love nothing more than to top from the bottom, but the man did not get the same pleasure from penetrating than he did get from being penetrated. Despite being a top, Ewan had discovered that he was more than happy to switch for these two men. Or rather, to be more accurate, he had always been a switch. It was just that Cooper and Simon knew how to push his buttons and Cooper knew how to fuck him properly.

Cutting into those thoughts, he heard Simon’s firm order. “Up on your knees, baby.”

“Oh God,” gasped Ewan. Deep down his words were an incoherent jumbled in his head. The rush of pleasure over-riding his tiredness made him capable of not speaking any other words.

He felt Simon help him kneel on the mattress.

Ewan felt the hot, hard heat of Cooper’s erect cock against the crack of his arse. He couldn’t hold back the shiver and felt his nipples harden into tight nubs from the arousal.

“You are so beautiful when you’re sleepy and horny.”

That came from Simon, right before he kissed Ewan and trailed down Ewan’s body. He played particular attention to his nipples—first the left one and then the right one. Simon next swiped his tongue over Ewan’s belly button. Ewan felt a rush of heat pool in his stomach. Then there was the painfully slow but so-good attention to his erection and balls.

Ewan gasped when Cooper once more started to finger his arse. He felt the slicked fingers adding a generous amount of gel on his sensitive hole. Ewan leaned into Cooper’s touch, which also just happened to push his straining cock toward Simon’s hot mouth.

In the end, all he could do was cry out, “Now, please.”

Ewan was now afraid he would break down into tears.

But Cooper seemed to feel every nuance in his physical and mental state in that moment. He became tender, but still teasing by rubbing his cock against his crack. His kissed Ewan gently. There was also gentle sucking in what would no doubt be a love bite in the morning.

“Shh, it’s ok, sweetheart. We’re taking care of your now.”

Ewan sighed softly and allowed himself to lean more heavily against Cooper’s chest. A thrill went up his spine when he heard Cooper’s order to Simon.

“Take Ewan’s cock now, Si. Now is not the time to tease our man.”

Ewan had not actually understood the precise words that left Simon’s mouth. He was too busy revelling in the feeling of Cooper’s cock carefully and gently breaching the tight ring of muscles at his rear entrance. Ewan suspected that there had been extra lube added when Cooper had put on a condom. He had no idea when that had happened, but he could feel the definite slide of latex against his skin.

Moments later he bucked his body, unable to know where to let his body go. The feel of Simon’s lips around his cock wanted him thrusting into that particular piece of heaven. Cooper had used more than enough lube to do the job. Yet he wanted Cooper balls deep in his arse.

Then Ewan was overcome with pleasure.

Cooper at first began to gently thrust in and out. He brushed Ewan’s prostate, teasingly with each inward and outward thrust. Knowing what Ewan liked, Cooper wound his arms around Ewan’s body and paid particular attention to Ewan’s nipples.

Concentrating on those actions, Ewan wanted to rub his body up and down Cooper’s hard, beautiful body as the man fucked him. Ewan tipped his head to the side, giving Cooper more than enough room to work on those love bites.


I’m just your average Aussie sci-fi nerd and scientist. I didn’t start writing stories until I was doing my Honours research as my escape from work. By day I do all things science – well, actually, I look at algae. When I’m procrastinating about science, I’m dreaming up all manner of scenarios and characters in my head. Sometimes they make it to paper. I’ve never thought of myself as a fiction writer, but one day a silly bet between colleagues changed all that.



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