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LEI CAROL - Part Two

In case you missed it, here is Part One
Part Two
Trying to kill enough time so Terek wouldn’t realize how nervous he was about crawling into the same bed as him, Damian started picking up all the empty cups and plates to throw away so Ali wouldn’t have to do it in the morning. Plus, the last time they didn’t clean up their mess before falling asleep Noah and Crono had the plates ripped up all over the house, they broke Dillon’s newest pipe, and they spilled a half empty cup all over the table and floor. Some days he swore dogs were worse than having kids.
Once everything was cleaned and put away, Damian knew there was nothing else he could do to waste time so he headed to the guest room, hoping he’d find Terek fast asleep. The last thing he wanted was Terek to catch him pop a boner and have to try to explain why. As soon as he stepped into the room he was felt both relief and torture because there Terek was, sprawled across the bed fast asleep in nothing but his boxers. How the hell was he supposed to crawl into bed beside the man he’d been drooling over for the past two years when he was almost naked?
Fate had to be laughing at him.
Faster than he could spell Mississippi Damian’s cock went from semi hard to hard as a rock. It wouldn’t surprise him if he would be able to pound nails into a board with how hard his cock was. Hell, he was so hard it hurt. Now he needed to decide if he wanted to try to ignore his hard on or if he should go into the bathroom to stroke one out real quick.
Sad thing was, Damian knew he would never be able to sleep with how hard he was. His cock had never ached or pulsated like it was right then and there. Giving into his baser urges, Damian spun on his heel and headed straight for the bathroom. Once he made sure the door was shut and locked, his pants were around his ankles and his hand was on his cock.
Using the pre-come that was pouring out of his cock like a leaking faucet, Damian began to stroke his hand up and down. Ever since he had started having sex, the only complaints he’d ever received was he was too big. His cock was roughly eight inches long and just under seven inches around. He’d even had an ex try to compare it to a can of soda one time. The can barely won.
Closing his eyes as his hand started speeding up, Damian couldn’t stop the image of Terek on knees, mouth obscenely stretched open while Damian skull fucked him like a pro. He couldn’t imagine a better way to get off, except for maybe having a chance at Terek’s fine bubble butt. Then again, what he wouldn’t give to be able to feel Terek stretch and fill his own ass.
There was something to be said about having a nice firm penis sliding in and out of his ass, stretching him open in the best possible ways. God, how he longed to feel Terek pressed against his back, hot breath against the back of his neck as Terek’s teeth scraped against his shoulder. 
Feeling his spine start to tingle as his balls pulled tight against his body, Damian bit his lips as he tried to keep his moans from escaping as his cock exploded all over his hand and toilet. Trying but failing to hold himself up on shaking legs, Damian leaned his body back against the counter as he waited for his heart to stop racing and his hands to stop shaking.
Eventually he was able to make his way out of the bathroom to walk down the short hallway towards the guest room. He hoped by leaving the light off, he wouldn’t get another hard on as he crawled into bed next to the man he had been half in love with since he had first seen him.
Snapping his eyes open it took Damian a few minutes to figure out where he was. He could have sworn he had just put his head on the pillow but was shocked to see it almost six am but what had woken him up? If Damian would have guessed, he would say everyone would be sleeping in based off of how much they had drank and smoked the night before and, yet here he was wide awake.
Closing his eyes once more, Damian hoped he would be able to drift back to sleep quickly. However, right as Damian could feel his body start to relax once more, he heard a weird sound from somewhere in the room with him. As Damian tried to figure out what had woken him up he felt a warm arm drape across his waist before pulling him back against a warm, hard body. 
How he could have forgotten about Terek?
Biting his lips to keep his whimper locked away, Damian was afraid to move so much as an inch, let alone breathe, in fear this was just a dream. He could feel Terek’s hard cock pressed against his back as Terek’s hot breath ghosted against his neck. It was one of his favorite wet dreams come to life and the last thing he wanted was to wake up and realize it was just a dream.
“Mmmm, yeah baby… just like that… come on… you know you want to suck it...just roll over here and put it in your mouth....”
Never in his life did Damian think he’d hear Terek tell him to suck his cock. Any chances he had hoped to have to go back to sleep was gone. All of his thoughts were centered on the hard flesh pressed into his back, while all of his blood flowed south.
Unable to fight the temptation, Damian reached back behind him to grasp Terek’s pulsating cock, desperate for the taste and feeling of Terek on his tongue. Shocked to find the object of his desire already sticking out of Terek’s boxers, Damian was anxious for a taste. Slowly turning over to face Terek, Damian wished there was enough light to see his soon-to-be lover’s face but the light from the clock just wasn’t enough.
“Oh, yeah, baby… That feels so good. Mmmm, stroke it just like that. Now a little harder. Oh yeah… Know what would feel even better? If you would just lean down a little bit more and put me in your mouth…”
Kicking the covers to the foot of the bed, Damian lowered his face into Terek’s crotch. Deeply breathing in Terek’s unique musk, Damian hoped Terek never woke up. Unable to fight himself any longer, Damian swiped his tongue across the soft, wet head, barely containing a moan as Terek’s flavor exploded on his taste buds. It had just the perfect amount of salty bitterness mixed with just a hint of something sweet mixed in.
Desperate to taste even more of Terek’s essence, Damian doubled his efforts. Bobbing his head up and down, sucking and licking with each movement he made, Damian loved each and every moan that came from above him. With each sound he knew deep down he was doing something right, so Terek couldn’t be mad at him afterwards, right?
“Wha?? Damian? Oh my fucking God! Damian… what the fuck are you doing?”
Damian had hoped the stiffening of Terek’s body had meant he was close to orgasming not the fact he was waking up. Lifting his mouth off of Terek’s still pulsating cock, Damian decided honesty was best. “You were moaning, so I thought I’d help you feel good. If you want me to stop…” God, please don’t tell me to stop! “I will. I just couldn’t resist.”
They were the hardest words he’d ever had to admit, at least without having to admit his feelings for the man.
“Since when have you been gay?” Terek asked softly, confusion written all over his face.
The last thing he wanted to do was talk and he said as much, “Dude, do you really want to talk about this or would you rather get your dick sucked?”
“But, I’m not gay.”
Rolling his eyes, Damian stuck his tongue back out to swipe it back across the head of Terek’s cock. This would be the ultimate test. If Terek’s cock stayed hard then maybe, just maybe, Damian would have a chance to convince him to just go with the flow and forget the damn labels. Determined to give Terek a blow job to end all blow jobs, Damian went back to work.
Tickling the bundle of nerves on the bottom side of Terek’s cock with his tongue, he couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face at the sound of Terek’s soft gasp. It didn’t take long before more soft moans and groans greeted his ears. Each sound filled him with more excitement than he thought would be possible.
Licking his tongue across Terek’s slit, Damian couldn’t resist slapping his tongue against the sensitive flesh before quickly stuffing the hard meat down his throat. The sound that came out of Terek’s mouth as Damian opened his throat for Terek’s long length had Damian on the edge of his own orgasm. 
Flicking his eyes away from his prize to glance at his lover’s face, Damian figured Terek would have his eyes closed while probably imagining someone else. Except, his eyes were wide open, watching his every move. A lot of confused wonder on his face. Damian wondered what Terek was thinking in that very second but didn’t want to stop to ask.
Sliding his palms against Terek’s slightly hairy thighs until they rested against his hips, caressing the slightly pudgy flesh before slowly moving one hand down until he was able to fondle Terek’s heavy twin orbs. They were larger than he’d expected but that didn’t stop the desire to suck on each of them.
Popping off of Terek’s cock with a loud pop, Damian licked his way down the pulsating flesh until his lips met with his hand. Licking, first one than the other, Damian slowly sucked on one at a time before opening his mouth wide to try to fit both of Terek’s balls in. Humming softly against the sensitive orbs, Damian was shocked when he felt Terek’s hands land in his hair.
One thing he loved to feel was a lover grabbing a fistful of his hair; it told him he was doing everything right, more so than moans did.
“Oh fuck! Damian… quick… suck me… oh fuck, your mouth… yes!” Terek moaned, pulling Damian’s hair to get him to release his balls and move his mouth until it was equal with Terek’s cock.
Engulfing Terek’s cock, Damian couldn’t have stopped his moan from vibrating Terek’s flesh even if he’d wanted to at the taste of Terek’s pre-come. It was the nectar of the God’s in his opinion. He’d be happy to get on his knees anytime as long as he’d have Terek’s orgasm.
“Oh Fuck! D… do that thing with your tongue again… the… oh hell yes!”
Wiggling his tongue against the underside of Terek’s cock, he wondered if Terek realized just how loud he was getting. Would he freak out if they woke Dillon and Ali up? Damian hoped Terek wouldn’t care but deep down he knew this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and he wanted it all.
Desperate times call for desperate measures and he was desperate for the memories, just in case they would be the only thing he’d have.
Wrapping one hand around the base of Terek’s cock while using the other to pull on his balls, Damian stopped Terek from his impending orgasm. Bound and determined to have it all, he pulled off the cock of his fantasies to glance into Terek’s shocked eyes.
“I have an idea. Just go with it, alright?” He whispered before opening his hands and pushing away from Terek’s body. Opening the little dresser drawer next to the bed for a condom and the bottle of lube he knew Dillon kept stored in case one of them ever had a chick over, Damian quickly ripped open the wrapper with shaking fingers while hoping Terek wouldn’t call a halt to his plans.
“Um, dude… I don’t know about this.”
“Shhh…” He whispered softly as he rolled the rubber down Terek’s cock. He could still feel how hot Terek’s skin felt through the rubber and he couldn’t wait to feel it elsewhere. Quickly pouring lube over his fingers, Damian stroked his hand up and down Terek’s covered cock a few times before reaching behind himself.
Another thing he’d always loved feeling with guys was the initial stretch and burn of them sliding into him which is why he never fully stretched himself. He’d use one or two fingers to get himself ready but he’d never do more than that.
“D, what are you doing?”
“Please, Terek. Just imagine it’s the tightest pussy you’ve ever felt.” He whispered, hoping he’d get his wish.
“Ummm… dude… I’m not gay…”
Damian could hear the words Terek was saying but his body was saying something different.  Especially, Terek’s still rock hard cock.
“Look, this is what I want you to do. If you get behind me, you won’t know it’s me and not some chick letting you fuck her ass. Please, Terek…” He hoped Terek wouldn’t notice the plea in his tone but he was so turned on and desperate Damian almost didn’t care.
“If you ever tell anyone about this, D, I swear I will tell them you are lying,” Terek explained as he moved to get off of the bed, only staying on the side of the bed long enough for Damian to get onto his hands and knees before crawling back onto the mattress.
At the first kiss of Terek’s cock against his ass, Damian closed his eyes as he bit the inside of his check trying to keep his sounds locked away. It took Terek a few fumbling tries of bumping into his taint and balls before he finally focused enough to locate Damian’s asshole.
With one quick thrust of Terek’s hips, Damian felt the burn of his body stretching to accommodate Terek’s long length. Neither moved for what felt like forever. Rhythmically tightening and relaxing his muscles a few times, Damian wondered what the hold up was. Why wasn’t Terek moving?
“Fucking hell,” Terek whimpered as he slowly shifted his hips backwards before sliding forward once more. “I have to be honest, man, I’ve felt a tight pussy before but damn.” Since the first time Damian topped a guy, he was amazed at the differences between having sex with a man or woman. A woman was soft where a man was hard. But Damian had always known he’d end up with a guy. In his past relationships with guys he didn’t have to always be gentle, if he wanted to slam him into the back of a door and have his way with the guy then he could. There was just something freeing about it.
However, there was one cardinal rule a person didn’t break when having sex - never mention past lovers while in the throes of passion.  Damian forced himself to take a couple of deep breaths before deciding to ignore Terek’s comment as he began to slowly rock back and forth.
With each push and pull of his body, Damian could feel Terek’s cock slide in and out. Making sure to continue clenching and releasing his muscles with each of his movements, Damian couldn’t have stopped the grin from spreading across his face at the sound of Terek’s long moan even if he wanted to.
It seemed whatever had been holding Terek still broke free with the sound that escaped his throat because the next thing Damian knew, Terek’s fingers were digging into his hips as he pulled his cock almost completely out before slamming his way back in. Dropping down onto his forearms, Damian buried his face between two pillows, trying to contain the sounds he was sure were coming from him but at the same time he couldn’t find the energy to care whether or not Ali and Dillon heard them.
A secret part of him hoped they did.
Shoving the stray thought deep down, Damian tried to contain his scream as Terek found his prostate. Every time Terek shoved his cock deep inside he continued to slam right into Damian’s magic button. Damian could feel the fire racing up his spine as his balls pulled tight against his body. He wanted to warn Terek, give him some sort of heads up, but at that very moment his brain was a pile of mush and nothing but a scream could be heard as his body finally jumped over the cliff into oblivion.  
Damian vaguely remembered hearing Terek’s shout as he came, unloading into the rubber, but Damian just wanted to enjoy the feelings floating through his body.
“What the fuck was that?” Terek asked, shocked awe in his voice. “Is it always like this?”
Not even trying to stop his chuckles Damian answered, “Nah. It’s just like with anyone else. There’s some really hot ass and there’s some I’m never touching them again even with a ten foot pole.”
“Huh, who would have thought. I think I need a drink of water and to piss,” Terek muttered as the bed shifted from him sliding to the edge of the bed.
Damian listened with half an ear as his whole body relaxed as Terek opened the bedroom door. He was almost completely asleep when he heard Terek’s whispered, “Oh fuck” at the same time another voice said, “Thanks for waking us up assholes. If you guys wanted to fuck why didn’t you just say so? Oh and Ali said to tell you next time she wants to watch because holy crap was she horny just from listening to you two.”
Listening to Dillon flick Terek shit like only best friends could, Damian felt his heart freeze in worry and fear. Especially, when Terek’s next words reached his ears.
“Well, what can I say? He’s got an amazing mouth on him. Besides, a hole is a hole, right?”

To be continued…… Part III coming soon….

Thomas Wolfenson made a decision ten years ago that he thought was for the best of everyone involved, instead it has haunted his every step. Even his wolf refuses to come forth after the bad decision was made. However, a call sends Tommy rushing home, but what he finds when he gets there not only shocks him, it has the potential to change his life forever. Kyle has grown up with the knowledge his fated mate never wanted him. But when he shows up making a claim on him, Kyle struggles with the sudden change in his fated mate. Afraid that if he gives his heart it will be broken once again. Is Thomas strong enough to right the wrongs that were made long ago? And when the caller who sent him home is revealed, does it cost Tommy more than he ever thought he could lose? Or does fate allow a second chance, offering him more than he ever thought or wished for in his life?
Lei Carol
Welcome to my author biography. Short and sweet.
I love writing about the men in my books and meeting their personalities. The stories we create together make for very lifelike and relatable experiences. For the most part, my books exist in the Lei Carol multi-verse but can line up with some of my influences and real life (but not much). Each story I bring to life has its own trials and tribulations. Pick up one today. My personal favorite is Unlocking the Past.
Currently I live in Southern Oregon with my two cats, Outkazt & Torilei (sounds like Torilie not Torilee) but am in the works to hopefully make a big move this year. I am always amused by my muse and what he finds as inspiration. Anything and everything is up for grabs when it comes to my muse.
More often than not I can be found sitting at the kitchen table, headphones plugged into my computer with Pandora playing, a large cup of coffee next to me growing cold while I try to ignore what ever distraction tactics my cats are deploying.
Feel free to contact me by email, twitter or facebook. I’m usually always around either on my computer or phone.
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