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LEI CAROL - Part Five

Happy Saturday Everyone,
I want to start today off by saying another HUGE thank you to Stormy Glenn for doing this blog and for allowing me to have 5 dates this month. Today you will be able to see whether or not Damian and Terek are able to pull their heads out of their asses, as some of you have said in the comments.
I am so excited to share with all of you the new cover for Desperate Times today as well. I will be releasing this story on Valentine's Day so make sure to keep an eye out for future information. You can head over to either of my pages for buy links or for updates.
Thank you to all of you for coming back to see what happened with Damian and Terek and I hope you aren’t disappointed with the ending.
Love to you all,
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1 Year Later

Standing at the sink as he washed the last of the dishes, Damian found himself thinking over the last year of his life and how much things had changed. Some days he woke up surprised to find himself lying next to a man he was head-over-heels in love with, let alone still living in the same town, working the same job. He had been on the brink of packing up his house and moving away, until his fantasies came true.

Over the last twelve months they both worked very hard to make their relationship grow. They had a lot of great times, made a lot of great memories with each other but they also had a few hard times. The first few months of their budding relationship Damian didn’t push Terek to out their relationship. They hung out with friends, some knew about them while others didn’t or if they suspected they didn’t question them.

But you could only hide and pretend something wasn’t going on for so long before you start to feel used and dirty. It was those feelings that caused their first major blow up. Typically Damian didn’t care about how he was introduced to people but there was this one day they were in town having lunch at this chinese buffet when Terek’s older brother walked in.

At first Terek tried to hide his face and it took Damian a few minutes to realize what was going on. Before he knew what was happening, Terek’s older brother walked right up to the table to slap his baby brother on the back and plop down in an empty chair. Damian sat there listening to the two brothers talk while eating his lunch, unable to join the conversation since he didn’t know the other man. It wasn’t until Damian had gotten up from the table to get more food that Terek’s brother finally introduced himself as Rocky.

It was at that moment Terek had this look of panic cross his face as he tried to figure out how to introduce just who Damian was to him. He introduced himself as a friend and Terek didn’t try to say different which left him feeling heartbroken and sick to his stomach. The entire plate of food he’d had in front of him went to waste as his stomach felt like a lead balloon.

The whole drive home Damian listened to Terek jabber on from one subject to another, singing along with the radio, while Damian sat there silently hurting. He tried to remind himself of his promise to wait until Terek was willing to tell his family and friends about their relationship but he never imagined how hard it would be. Yet, a little voice whispered to him throughout the entire twenty minute drive, reminding him about how hard it had been to open up to his friends. Damian felt like the pot calling the kettle black.

Which was why they had their first fight. Both said things they didn’t mean. Both stormed away. But before they went to bed that night Terek had come back to the house and they talked. They made a promise to each other that night and ever since they never went to bed angry with each other.

Since that fight they worked hard with one another to build their relationship rather than tear it apart.  It wasn’t easy but what relationship ever was? He liked to think they learned something from that fight. Sometimes he wondered if communication wasn’t the secret to life.

Once they moved past the fight the next big hurdle they faced was Terek coming out to his family. As they were gearing up for their second month anniversary - something they agreed they should celebrate each month - Terek surprised Damian by taking him to Terek’s mom’s house for dinner. Once everyone was done greeting each other, Terek sat down next to Damian and before he could say a word Terek kissed him. Right in front of everyone. It was by far the best coming out he had ever seen. Of course, Terek’s brother shouted, “I knew it! Pay up, bitches!” while holding his hand out palm up.

By the time they had left that night Damian felt as if he was one of the family. They even planned a big camping trip during the summer for two weeks. The first week Terek’s family all came out and the second week once his family left Ali and Dillon came out with Noah. That week was one of his ultimate favorite memories so far.

Of course, it was the first time Dillon got to experience having sex with a guy, while his girlfriend watched. They all enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Each surprised there wasn't any jealousy or anger between each couple but they agreed it wouldn’t be a repeatable experience.

Shaking his memories away, Damian pulled the plug from the bottom of the sink, reaching for the dish towel on the counter. Checking the time above the stove, Damian was disappointed to see he still had a few hours before they were expected to be at Ali and Dillon’s house. He was at a loss for what he should do to kill the time, especially since he’d already cleaned the whole house and taken his shower.

The day before he had gone to the store to stock up on snacks and alcohol but the plan had been to make nachos once they had gotten to their friends’ house. Terek was still sleeping because he didn’t get off work until after four a.m. since one of the systems crashed. Basically shutting everything down in the casino until it was fixed.

Unable to come up with any other ideas of something to do, Damian pulled the carne asada from the fridge to start to prepare it rather than waiting. Once the meat was on the stove cooking, Damian started looking through the cupboards for something to make for dessert. An idea formed when he spotted a box of graham crackers, two different flavors of icing, and two bags of white chocolate and milk chocolate chips.

He knew it would make a sickening sweet dessert but the idea he had sounded fantastic in his head. Once Damian laid all the ingredients out, he started by opening the bags of chocolate chips. Once the chips were poured into glass mixing bowls to melt, Damian moved to the package of graham crackers, breaking them in half. Reaching for the containers of frosting, Damian opened each container  spreading both chocolate and vanilla frosting on half of the crackers.

Making a sandwich with the unfrosted halves to the frosted halves, stirring the chocolate mixes on the stove, Damian waited until the chocolate was completely melted before removing it from the heat and dipping each of the little graham cracker sandwiches into the mix. He dipped half of each one into first one mixture before sitting it on the rack to cool. Once he had gone through all of them and the chocolate had dried he started all over by dipping the other half into the other chocolate. By the time he was done each sandwich had both a white and milk chocolate coating. It took everything he had not to start eating them right then but Damian knew they would make the best dessert once everyone started smoking.

Jerking as two warm arms wrapped around his waist Damian didn’t try to stop the smile from spreading across his face as he caught a whiff of Terek’s cologne. “Mmmm, hi babe. Sleep well?”

He could hear the pout in Terek’s muffled voice as he muttered, “No,” against his neck.

“Why’s that?”

“You know I don’t sleep well without you next to me. You cast your spell and I’m hooked. Plus I can smell food cooking. What are you making?”    

“Just prepping stuff for when we head to Dillon and Ali’s. Do you know when we are supposed to head over there?”  Lying his head back against Terek’s shoulder, soft moans escaping his throat as Terek’s soft nibbling kisses travel up and down his exposed skin.

“I think we have some time left to spare, why don’t you join me in bed? I want to tell you a bedtime story about the sweet tasting bartender getting eaten by the big, bad wolf.”

Rolling his eyes and laughing Damian shook his head against his lover’s shoulder. “There’s only one problem… well, two problems with that idea. First, the steak is still cooking and second, we’re supposed to be getting ready to go to Ali and Dillon’s house. So, save that thought for later and go take your shower.”

Terek didn’t let go of Damian’s body or stop placing his biting kisses against his neck for another five minutes. During that time both their phones repeatedly went off with text messages from both Ali and Dillon wanting to know when they were going to be arriving.

Once Terek was out of the shower and Damian had everything packed up and ready to go, Terek put Crono’s leash on him and off they went. They had the radio on for background noise, neither of them paying very close attention to what was playing until the chorus of one of their favorite songs came on and then neither seemed to be able to stop themselves from belting out the words.

“Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango? Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening me.”

At some point during the song Damian watched Terek pull out his phone to record them on SnapChat. Once they were done singing along and laughing with each other, he heard his phone chime signaling he had a new snap message. Terek and Dillon had this obsession with sending each other the most random messages. Damian found it hilarious to watch because it was their thing.

Before he put his truck in part they could see Noah standing at the front window barking his damned head off with excitement. Of course, Crono was in the back seat answering back just as loudly as his best friend. You would think they hadn’t seen each other in a month rather than a couple of days.

Offering their hello’s as they walked in the house, Terek headed for the couch with the alcohol while Damian headed to the kitchen. Once he placed the desert in the fridge and the steak on the counter with everything else, he headed back into the living room to sit next to his boyfriend.

“Oh, hey, I’m Damian.” He introduced himself to the couple sitting on the other couch. He’d seen the guy in pictures on Ali’s facebook page but had never met him.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Andy and this is my girlfriend, Tracy.”

Damian waited until everyone had their plates of food before he began to explain the game, “Alright guys. Y’all have heard of the game called three truths and a lie, right? Each of you should have the same note pad and the same colored pen. The object of the game is to write down either a truth or a lie about yourself. Each round there is a quote on quote dealer. The dealer is the only person who will not write anything down, but will shuffle the pieces of paper and then read them all out loud. Once all of them have been read the dealer has to pick one and say not only whose paper it is and whether it is a truth or a lie. Now if the dealer guesses both incorrectly then he or she has to take two drinks. If they guess correctly, then the next person goes. The object is to have the most correct answers. Any questions?”

It took a few rounds for everyone to catch on to the game but by the time they had gone through everyone once, they were all laughing and teasing one another. So far Dillon, Terek, Andy and Ali had all guessed wrong, now it was his turn to go again. There was something going on between Terek and Dillon that left Damian feeling suspicious of the two.

Deciding to ignore whatever they were up to, Damian waited until everyone placed their papers in the pile before mixing them all up so he wouldn’t know who’s was who’s. Once he was satisfied all the pages were shuffled he began to read them, “When I was in high school kids used to tease that I would be the crazy cat lady. Ouch, that’s harsh. Next one says, I like to watch Pitch Perfect over and over. I don’t know that I’ve watched the movie but alright. I have an obsession with buying digital movie codes. Dude, who doesn’t. I hate all Disney movies. Seriously? What’s wrong with you? Alright last one, I wonder what it says. For the last two months I have tried to come up with the best way to ask you a question and I think tonight is the best time to ask…. "Ask? Ask what?” Damian asked looking up from the papers in his hand.

Never in a million years did he expect to see the sight before him. “Terek? What are you doing?” While he had been reading the last piece of paper, Damian didn’t notice Terek moving from his spot on the couch to kneel next to him. Unable to look away, he focused on Terek reaching into his jacket pocket to pull out a black jewelry box.

“Damian, will you marry me?” Terek asked softly while opening the top of the box to reveal two matching white gold bands. “I love you so much. I never thought I would find someone who completed me like you and I can’t imagine living my life without you beside me. You make me want to be a better man. A better friend. A better partner. I would be honored to be able to call you my husband.”

The silence in the room was deafening as everyone waited on the edge of their seats for Damian to answer Terek. Even all of the animals were silent.

Damian’s heart started pounding as his eyes filled with tears. He couldn’t have stopped himself if he had wanted to as he launched himself into Terek’s waiting arms, shouting, “Yes! Oh God, yes!” before pressing his lips against Terek’s as their friends screamed and cheered around them.

The End

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