Thursday, January 5, 2017


A Christmas Boyfriend

Chapter One

It was stupid of him to put that ad in the paper, but he was desperate. His entire family was heading to Vermont for Christmas and Eli Firwood was determined he wouldn’t spend another Christmas alone.

He tapped his foot as he waited in line annoyed that the woman two bodies up was changing her order again. She was holding everyone up and he was going to be late for freaking work—again.

“I’m just not sure,” she said.

“Then, get to the back of the line,” Eli muttered. “And think it over back there.”

The blonde female gave him a scathing look before turning back to the man behind the counter with the pinched face. He was obviously as fed-up with her as he was. His phone rang and Eli headed for the door. He couldn’t wait for her to make up her mind today. The freaking cow did that almost every morning.

He glanced at the phone already in his hand. The number was one he didn’t recognize and wondered who it could be. He wasn’t expecting any takers for his ad. They’d have to be as crazy as he was to even considering answering.


“Hi. Eli Firwood?”

The voice was sexy and low sending shivers down his spine and making his blood heat.

 “Yeah, this is Eli,” he said carefully as he ignored his libido’s whispers of attraction. “Who’s this?” He wasn’t going to get all hard over a guy sight unseen.

“I’m Aristotle Morgan.”

“H-hi.” The man’s voice sent tingles down his spine with its low sexiness.

“I saw your ad in the paper, and I was wondering if you’d like to meet, talk terms.”

Eli hesitated wondering if he should go through with this. He wouldn’t have time to learn near enough about any man he accepted even one with a voice that melted him. Damn this was a bad idea.

“Second thoughts, or have you already found someone?”

“No.” Why hadn’t he said yes? He could’ve been out of this with his pride intact and canceled the ad. So what if he was going to spend another Christmas watching others enjoy their loves while he watched on in jealous sadness.

“Why don’t we meet?” Aristotle’s voice broke into his “pity me” litany. “If you’re not comfortable with me, no harm.”

“Umm, yeah. How about Ren’s Diner?”

“Today? Tomorrow?”

He glanced at his watch. The man seemed rather eager, but then maybe he had plans to make himself if this didn’t work out. “I can’t get away for lunch, so why don’t we have drinks this evening.”

“Sounds good. Around seven?”

“That works,” Eli answered and quickly disconnected. He hurried out to his car. This was just too crazy. What had ever possessed him to do something like this? He should have just gone to a dating service or something.


Aristotle set the phone down in its cradle and glanced at his watch. His meeting was about to start. He got to his feet and grabbed the small paper thin tablet from his desk along with a stylus for making notes.

He wasn’t prepared to be wowed by the presentation, but he was keeping an open mind. Changes had to be made if he was going to continue to run the business at peak efficiency without letting any of his employees go.

They only had two solid products on the market and this Christmas they were introducing tablet number three that was supposed to rival the competition. This was the unveiling of the product which his younger sister had designed from the software out. She’d seemed enthusiastic enough when he talked to her a week ago, but he didn’t have high hopes. The tablet in his hand was a high end one from another competitor that his sister had given him last week to replace the one she’d broken.

The product was excellent, intuitive and light. The processor was fast and it had the functionality of a PDA with all the bells and whistles he could ask for. Why hadn’t his sister thought of it first?

“Hey, man.” Grover, his cousin fell into step beside him in the quiet corridor of blue and cream with a row of windows ushering in the morning light.

Aristotle gave him a brief look. He wasn’t fond his cousin and was thinking of firing him. He’d only hired him on because of his uncle. Grover had a MBA, but didn’t seem to know a damn thing about business. He was twenty-four and his head was still in partying and chasing girls.

“Grover we need to talk after Christmas.”

“Why?” His cousin’s brow furrowed. “I know I’ve been a little relaxed in my standards, but I’m ready to learn now. I swear.”

“That’s what you said two weeks ago and six months before that,” Aristotle said as he stopped outside the meeting room. “I really don’t have time to hold your hand and spoon feed you. I’m replacing you with someone who actually wants to work for a living not collect a paycheck someone else earns for him.”

“Stop being a bastard,” he snapped. “Your fucking company is going down the tubes and we both know it. If this new device doesn’t sell, you’re looking laying-off half your staff and Diane will have to work for half what she’s worth.”

“She’s working and that is the point,” he said tiredly.

“Fuck you,” he said coldly. “You think you’re better than me because you won a jackpot playing blackjack and started this shitty little business. Well, you’re still nothing.” He pointed his finger at Aristotle. “And you’ll be even less when this falls apart around your ears in a few months.”

Aristotle snorted. If Grover had bothered to do his job, he’d know that the Philosophy wasn’t in danger of closing its doors immediately. The sales from the last two devices were good, and he’d be able to run the business on the profits and the modest returns from his investments for at least another five years.

“Then, it shouldn’t take you long to clear out of your office,” Aristotle said coolly. “I’m sure you don’t have much in it anyway.”

“You bastard! You’re firing me?”

“Effective immediately,” he said and pushed the door of the conference room open and stepped inside. His sister gave him a smile from her position at the head of the long table. The coffee from the sideboard wafted through the room along with the pastries. The fruit provided a splash of color.

Aristotle headed over and Diane met him half way. “Are you ready?” she asked with a grin.

“He nodded. “We aren’t going to get these out before Christmas are we?”

“Forty of them are already to go. All I need is your okay,” she told him.

“How’d you get production to go ahead without my approval?” He frowned.

She shrugged. “I just pretended I was your secretary,” she told him with a smile. “Dante was more than happy to do it. If you aren’t satisfied with the product then you can call up the four distributors handling the tablet then I’ll personally call them and let them know we’re scraping it.”

He nodded. “Okay. Show me what you go.”

Diane grinned and flitted away looking like an excited child. She was barely twenty-two with damn-near genius intellect. Her computer software design skills were excellent, and she’d been building computers from scratch before going to high school.

“Okay, everyone,” she said as she used a remote to dim the lights.

Aristotle took a seat at the long table next to the head of his marketing department. The man gave him a smile and leaned toward him. “I can’t wait,” he murmured as he put his hand discreetly on Aristotle’s thigh. “What do you think she did with this one?”

“We’re about to find out,” he said and brushed the man’s hand away. Dan gave him an offended look, but Aristotle ignored it. Dan wasn’t his type anymore than his secretary who couldn’t seem to stop throwing himself at Aristotle was. 

Being openly gay had it’s perks, but some of the guys who came onto him were downright annoying. He knew what they wanted and he wasn’t about to waste time on men whose main goal was to snag themselves a man with a little money and company that could one day be a Fortune 500 boon.

The commercial started and gave them a quick rundown of the new device’s basics. Quad-core processor, dual cameras that produced crisp pictures, excellent quality for video chats, HD, two dual speakers, Bluetooth and of course the device was paper thin.

“Imagine needing to video conference with a client, check the weather, find a restaurant, or type a business proposal.” She reached for a case and removed a device. “You’ve got eight inches of clear Hd quality screen that give you all the function of a PDA with the capabilities of a laptop. You can read documents, create document, watch a movie, watch the movie you made of your baby, or you can read a book with minimum screen glare in sunlight.”

“How’s the battery life?” Dan asked.

Diane smiled. “Seven to nine hours depending on what you’re doing.”

Play music? Watch a movie and what about an SD card slot?”

“Got it and it and a port for flashdrives. Ninety bucks and you eat a good tablet that you can even play games on.”

“Ninety bucks?” Dan asked skeptically. “The video makes me think I’m getting a thousand dollar device or ¡Pad.”

“This is going to outsell Apple by millions,” she told him proudly. “The software is far better and the operating system excellent. I’ve ironed out all the glitches from the first device and improved on the second one. In fact, I’ve conducted a weeklong trial already.” She turned a smile on him and Aristotle frowned.

“You have?”

“How does your tablet function?”

“Perfect,” he told her and glanced to the tablet. It was in a case and he’d never bothered to take it out or look at the back where the company’s logo normally was. “It’s very intuitive without being too basic.”

“It’s your best-friend even if all you want to do is play games on it,” she said. “Buy the keyboard and you’ve got a computer.” Diane grinned.

He looked at the tablet he’d been using. “Are you serious? That’s all you?”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m shocked you had so little faith in me big brother.” She pouted and then laughed. “I’m only getting better. So?”



Chapter Two

Eli arrived at Ren’s thirty minutes after seven thanks to his boss. He blew out a harsh breath thinking he should probably be glad. The guy had more than likely thought he’d gotten stood up and headed on him calling him a douche.

He glanced around the busy diner and found an empty table. He was starving and he needed a glass of white wine like yesterday to calm his nerves. Eli blew out a harsh breath and reached for the menu slotted into a holder on the table. He opened it up and began studying it even though he pretty much knew it by hard.

“Hey.” The masculine voice was low and warm.

Eli’s head slowly rose until he could see over the menu. The shoulder length black dreads caught his gaze first drowning a frown as he wondered if the man wanted to borrow his salt. Then, he focused on the brown eyes the color of melted chocolate set in a face of smooth sienna brown skin with high cheekbones and a sensual mouth.

His heart kicked into high gear and his skin heated. He couldn’t stop staring, so he let his gaze drop down the man’s body. Broad chest with a polo shirt pulled firmly across it and corded arms stole his attention before his gaze drifted lower to an impressive bulge and long legs encased in worn indigo jeans with a black leather belt cinching them into place.

He was a God. He had to be at least six feet and he liked his men a little taller than him. He also liked them beautiful in a masculine way.

Eli exhaled. “H—hey.”

The sexy mouth pulled into a grin showing white teeth. “Are you Eli?”

“Uh—yeah.” Damn it. He was tripping all over his tongue. ‘Cause the guy was so hot his dick was getting ready to do a full salute.

The God sat down. “Great. Long day at work?” He took the seat in the booth across from Eli.

Any other guy would have left by now. Why hadn’t he? Or maybe he was just arriving too.

“Yeah. My boss had me working on a last minute project. Things ran long.”

“Know the feeling,” he said. “I’m Aristotle as I said on the phone this morning. Your ad was pretty vague. You wanna tell me why a cute guy like you would even go to the trouble?”

He snorted. He wasn’t really cute. Well, maybe a little bit. He had red hair that his parents kept browbeating him to cut and he was a little on the skinny side. He was lots too pale as far as he was concerned but tanning was a painful bitch. His sensitive skin would burn if he stayed in the sun too long.


Aristotle shrugged. “You look like the boy next door though you could use a few pounds.”

“Yeah, well, I think the ad was a mistake.” The words rushed out. “I won’t have time to check you out thoroughly.”

“I thought you already did,” he said in a teasing tone and Eli blushed. “Serious though. What could you want to know? You just want a boyfriend for Christmas.”

“Yeah, but I want it to turn into something real,” he balked and then clamped a hand over his mouth. His skin felt hotter than an hour in the sun in the summer. “I mean, I just think I should know if you’re like a criminal or something.”

“Damn you’re so cute blushing like that,” Aristotle said with a grin and leaned toward him. “Tell me something. Is your hair that appealing shade of red all over?”

Eli’s eyes widened and his skin burned even more. “Yes.”

“You wax it all off don’t you, cutie?”

“Not all,” he said in a choked tone.

Aristotle smiled. “Why don’t we have dinner still?”

The waitress came over then and took their orders giving Eli a chance to catch his breath.

“How many people responded to your ad, Eli?”

“Ten,” he said. He’d ignored two and told the others he’d already found someone. “You were the first.”

“You should have posted a picture,” Aristotle murmured. “You’d have gotten more response.”

“Right. Why did you answer?”

“Lonely, and I thought I could use a temporary boyfriend,” he said. “Like you I was skeptical about answering. I figured you had to be a loon though, so I figured I’d give it a shot.”

Eli laughed. “I started to think I was crazy too.”

“Why’d you place the ad?”

“I didn’t want to go to my family’s alone—again. We always have a big Christmas thing in Vermont or Colorado. This year it’s Vermont.”

“I could make the trip.” Aristotle shrugged. “I’m clean and I’m prepared to provide proof, I have a decent job, and I’ve been told my table manners are passable.”

Eli grinned. “Really? You’d show me your medical records?”

“Just my latest check-up results. And you?”

“Definitely.” He nodded. “You date white guys often?”

“I date all kinds of guys, so are sexy and some are tart.” He flashed a grin.

Eli bit down on his bottom lip. Damn he was just too cute. How could he say no?

His mother would hate it, but it was just for Christmas. Not that he planned to start dating women after that. His mother wanted was still praying everything would suddenly become clear and he’d know he was a man meant to be with a woman.

He’d tried to give her that present with a neat bow around it and look how that had turned out. The girl had thrown a lamp at his head when he couldn’t get aroused for her and her cute little teddy.

“You’re just looking for something temporary, right?” Eli asked wistfully. He needed more, but Christmas wasn’t really the time to start a long-term relationship especially with a stranger right?

“I’m just looking for someone who wants to be with me, Eli. If it leads to something special then I’m not going to run screaming in the other direction.” Aristotle looked up just as the waitress came to a stop at their table with their drinks.

She gave Aristotle a brilliant and Eli groaned inwardly when Aristotle gave her a playful smile. “Your meal will be up soon,” she said.

“Thanks,” Aristotle murmured and she lingered for a moment before fading away.

“What an ass,” Eli muttered. “But I guess it’s okay if you’re bi since you’re not going to be sleeping in my bed anyway.”

“I’m not bi-sexual, Eli,” he replied smoothly. “I was just being nice to her, or did you not notice how I didn’t ask for her number? And I’m still sitting here with you wondering what it’s going to take to get you to say yes instead of pretending I have to go to the bathroom so I can get her number behind your back?”

“What?” Eli asked stunned.

Aristotle leaned toward him. “So, if you want a man for Christmas call me. You have my number on your phone still I’m presuming.” Aristotle got to his feet and tugged his wallet from the back pocket of his pants and tossed a bill on the table. “That should cover dinner.”

Eli stared after him, jaw slack. He’d had men walk out on him but never in the middle of dinner.  What an asshole.

He ran a hand through his hair, the short locks falling back into place as soon as they’d been ruffled.

“I’m going to tell him a thing or two,” he muttered and leaped to his feet going after Aristotle.

“Hey,” The waitress called.

“It’s on the table,” Eli snapped at her, and then gave her a brief scowl before trotting out the door. “Aristotle, you jerk,” he cried.

The man didn’t even stop. He kept right on walking and Eli jogged to catch up. He grabbed Aristotle’s arm and the other man whipped around and shoved hard up against the side of a pick-up truck.

Eli gasped and stared up into cool brown eyes that made his heart beat fast all over again. He had only been a little out of breath a moment ago, now he was breathless.

“What?” Aristotle shifted his bigger body to rest his hand on the truck’s window next to Eli’s head. “Not used to men not kissing your ass for a date?”

Eli glared. “You must be confusing me with yourself,” he snared.

“That’s not even possible, red. I’m not afraid to follow through on things I start especially if I want them.” 

Eli leaned toward him with every intention of pushing him away and striding to his car. He knew this was a mistake, and he had to escape before Aristotle baited him into something he didn’t want.

Instead, Eli found himself chest-to-chest with the other man. Their eyes were locked in a battle sparking sensual heat that shot through him. His breathing grew shallow as his skin warmed. His hands shook as he rested one of them tentatively on Aristotle’s waist.

Aristotle’s eyes were unreadable, but Eli knew the man was right. He was afraid of where things could go, how badly they could go wrong. On the other hand, he ached for what could be, craved it with every fiber of his being.

“My last boyfriend was bi and I caught him in bed with not one but two women,” Eli said and cleared his throat. “I just don’t want to make the same mistake.”

“I’m not bi and I’m man enough to break up with you before I take someone else to bed, Eli,” Aristotle said. “I understand your fear, but this isn’t about fear. I answered your ad because I wanted to overcome my wariness of jumping back into the dating scene.”


Aristotle gave him a wry smile. “He wasn’t bi, but he was an asshole who couldn’t keep his pants up. He said I worked too much, and I didn’t spend enough time with him.” He shrugged. “That was eight months ago. I thought I loved him, but I’ve come to realize in that time that love isn’t what I had with him.”

“I know that too about my ex, and it doesn’t hurt anymore,” he said softly. “I’m just afraid I’ll pick the wrong guy again. At the same time, I’m tired of being alone. Being around my family for the holidays just makes it worse.”

Aristotle shrugged. “Nothing is set in stone, Eli,” he said. “We’re just two men about to have a good Christmas together. When do we leave?”

“We’re leaving in two days.” Eli smiled and lifted his free hand to Aristotle’s hair. He closed his fingers over several strands. “I thought they’d feel different.”

“Depends on how they’re taken care of,” Aristotle told him. “I am starving you. Let’s go grab a pizza. We can go to my place.”

“My place isn’t that far,” Eli offered. “And I’ve already got some beers.”

“I’ll follow you,” Aristotle agreed with a smile.


Chapter Three

The drive to Eil’s took only five minutes, giving Aristotle little time to ponder the leap he was taking. He knew it was time, felt he was ready, that’s why he’d answered the ad.  Eli had a nice smile and he smelled good too.

The other man was a little wary, but so was he. Still, Aristotle wanted to make this a Christmas he looked back on with happiness as his new beginning.

He parked next to Eli and climbed out. They walked silently up to his apartment door together. Eli brushed against a couple of times and Aristotle gave him a smile. Eli grinned shyly making Aristotle chuckle.

“What do you do for a living Eli?”

“I’m an office manager, but my boss treats me like I’m his PA.” He rolled his eyes. “What do you do?” He removed his key from his pants pocket.

“I work for Philosophy. I own it.”

Eli cocked a brow at him and then unlocked his door and stepped into his apartment. “Wow, you’re not telling my family that, gorgeous,” Eli told him.

“Why not?” They’d welcome his money with open arms?

“My sister’s a computer programmer. It’ll be nothing but shop talk all weekend.” He let his bottom lip jut out in a pout. “I kind of want as much of you to myself as I can have.” He leaned against the door and grabbed a handful of his guest’s shirt to tug Aristotle toward him. “How’s that for not running from what I want?”

“What do you want?” Aristotle asked softly as he braced an arm on the door above Eli’s head.

Eli ran both hands up then down Aristotle’s chest. “I want to get to know you and maybe make you mine,” he murmured and leaned toward the other man.

Aristotle smiled. “Does that mean I’m going to get wooed a little?”

“Maybe.” Eli brushed his lips lightly against Aristotle’s and the brief warm touch ignited heat inside Aristotle’s soul. The cold place inside him cracked to let the new blaze shine.

Aristotle kissed Eli softly and Eli wound an arm around his neck as he strained closer with a soft sigh.

“I think this is going to be one of the best Christmases ever,” Aristotle whispered.

“Me too,” Eli said. “Just one question?”


“How long do I get to keep my boyfriend?” he teased. “Just until the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve or are you open to something loose ended?”

“I’m definitely keeping my options open,” Aristotle said. “Now, can we order that pizza?”

Eli grinned. “Poor baby, let me feed you before you turn into a bear.”

Aristotle growled and stole a quick kiss making Eli laugh. “A hungry bear.”

“I’ll remember that in the future,” he said and rubbed against Aristotle as he moved past him. Aristotle shivered enjoying the feeling of finding someone new. He knew this wasn’t going to be just a fling.

The End


Chocolate Kisses and Heartache
Tanner Clemens has finally tied the knot with Sinclair Thomas, and Tanner is deliriously happy, but he’s under no illusions. He knows his family will not accept the union, but he’s ready to move forward with his new life as an openly gay man.
However, a call from Tanner’s sister on the day of his wedding reception sends waves of panic through him and, just days later, Tanner loses two members of his family. Once again, he becomes hunted by a killer seeking to snuff out the light of the Clemens family for good. But his own life isn’t all he has to worry about now.
Tanner and Sinclair are left in charge of an orphan. Tanner’s brother, who is mortified by Tanner’s recent marriage, challenges Tanner for custody. Despite his grief and his family’s rejection, Tanner is determined to have the life he wants—even if he has to stare down a killer to do it.

“You object to loving me all day?” He pouted.
Sinclair laughed. “Not in the least. I was just thinking of how sore your little ass is going to be. You won’t be able to bike.”
Tanner shrugged. “Then we’ll have to stay in bed all cuddled up.”
Sinclair chuckled and fed Tanner a piece of crusty French loaf before taking a bite himself. “I’m looking forward to it, too. Spring Lake is such gorgeous country.”
“Hmm.” Tanner nodded and picked up his bottle of tea. “I’d rather that simple beauty than Paris or Nice.”
Sinclair lifted a brow. Sin had taken him to France for Valentine’s Day, and he’d hated it. “We’ll try Italy next,” Sinclair told him.
“I’m just glad we aren’t going now,” Tanner said, and Sinclair gave him an amused smile. “Baby, I appreciate you wanting to show me the world. I just don’t want to visit it all more than once.”
“I’m not arguing,” Sinclair said, and Tanner’s cell phone rang.
Tanner got to his feet and retrieved it from the floor behind his desk, where it had fallen from its holster. “It’s Nels. Hello.”
“Hey, bro,” Nels said. “Have you talked to Val today?”
“This morning,” Tanner said. “Why didn’t you tell me she’d gotten married and had kids?”
“That was all hers to tell,” he said, sounding guilty. 
“That’s a cop out, Nels. You should have told me.”
“If you hadn’t been so involved in your own romance, she might have talked to you,” he muttered. “Don’t push this off on me.”
“I’m putting the blame where it belongs,” Tanner snapped.
“The hell you are! Blame Val.”
Tanner sighed. “I don’t want to fight over Val’s life,” he said as he crossed the room to drop back onto the couch. “How long has he been beating her?”
“I don’t know,” Nels said. “I suspect about six months, but it could be longer. I can’t be sure. You know Val keeps her own counsel.”
He ran a hand through his hair. “I know.” She was like him in some ways, and he’d wounded her heart by not going out of his way to get her involved in his relationship with Sin. She’d seemed so resistant with Roni around that it hadn’t seemed worth the fight.
“She’s not saying, but I think he threatened to kill her if she left. She was a little jumpy at first last night. You should convince her to move in with you and Sinclair for a while. You have that big guesthouse she and the twins can live in.”
“She said she’d think about it,” Tanner said, and Sinclair gave Tanner’s thigh a light squeeze. “Maybe you can convince her.”
“I’ll talk to her later,” he said. “I’m inviting her to dinner tomorrow night. Why don’t you come?”
“I don’t think Sin would have a problem with that.”
“I mean just the family, Tanner,” he said. “I know you live with him, but maybe if you tried to talk to her without him around, she’d be more responsive.”
He frowned. “It might be a good idea,” Tanner agreed. “What time?”
“Six. We’re going out later.”
“I’ll be there.” He only worked eight hours now and had an evening manager and staff.
“Great. Tanner, I mean it. Leave him at home. This is too important for you to be rubbing him in her face.”
“I’m not a child, Nels,” he said coldly. “And for the record, I have and had as much right to a love life as you three. You never gave a damn what I thought about yours, even when you were flaunting it in my face, so back off.”
“I wasn’t fucking boys either,” he muttered.
“If that’s the point, then you all have the problem, not me, not anymore,” Tanner snapped. “I’m not ashamed of loving Sin, and I won’t hide it because you all don’t like it.”
“He is part of why Val didn’t come to you.”
“Val has her own issues and I can’t fix them,” Tanner said evenly. “I can only be there for her now, and I plan to be, but I won’t cut my heart out for my family.”
“Damn it, Tanner, for once—”
“I’m not bringing Sin with me, Nels,” he cut in. “I’m just saying I’m not giving him up just to help her. I will, however, go above and beyond the call of duty otherwise.”
“For the record, I don’t hate Sinclair. I just think you need some space from him. You’re always with him now. Moving in together was a bad idea.”
“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Nels,” Tanner said in a tone rife with resolution. He ended the call and set the phone on the table. “I won’t let them ruin my life,” he said angrily. “I’m entitled to be loved too, even if they don’t approve.”
Sinclair sighed. “Darlin’, don’t go there,” he said. “What’s wrong?”
“Nels wants me to come to dinner without you at his place tomorrow. We’re going to talk to Val about staying.”
Sinclair shrugged. “So what. It’s dinner, Tanner, not a prison sentence, though I’d break every law if I had to just to get thrown in jail with you.”
Tanner smiled. “Oh baby, you are truly Mister Too Damn Good.”
Sinclair gave him a wicked grin. “You’re just saying that because I fucked you good a little while ago.”
Tanner laughed and moved to rest his head on his lover’s shoulder. “It’s a never-ending battle, isn’t it?” he murmured.
“We’re okay, Tan, so don’t go getting melancholy or dramatic,” Sinclair said softly. “Your family will all learn to tolerate me and accept our relationship without condition, or they won’t. Either way, we’ll still be us.”

Tanner’s heart beat fast. His skin was catching fire, and he smiled as he said, “I’m going to hold you to that.” Then Tanner glided one hand over Sinclair’s chest as he leaned up on tiptoe to press a kiss to Sinclair’s throat.
Sinclair moaned softly and Tanner trailed kisses down the column to flick his tongue in the hollow at the base of Sinclair’s throat.
He traced kisses along Sinclair’s jaw before claiming his man’s lips for a slow kiss.
Their tongues came together in a duel that further shattered his control. They tasted each other slowly, and Tanner moved his hand between them to push beneath Sinclair’s T-shirt.
Tanner broke the kiss, dragging air into his lungs. “I need to take this off,” Tanner said in a demure tone.
“Get rid of it,” Sinclair encouraged him in a tone rough with desire.
Tanner pushed the fabric up and Sinclair lifted his arms, allowing Tanner to slide it off with ease. “Damn, you’re so sexy.” He glided his hands over the expanse of coffee-with-cream skin sprinkled with dark curling hair.
Tanner lowered his head and traced his tongue along the collarbone. He nipped lightly at the flesh before licking his way to a flat nipple.
“Tanner,” Sinclair said breathlessly.
He flicked over the tiny tip before running his tongue around the areola. Sinclair shuddered and Tanner forced himself to be patient. He wanted to climb Sinclair and ride him until they were both too exhausted to think.
“Tanner,” he cried and pushed his fingers into Tanner’s locks and pulled.
Tanner sucked the flat disc into his mouth while lightly scraping Sinclair’s back with his short nails. He lifted his head, moving to the twin dark peak.
“Oh, darlin’, yes.” Sinclair moaned.
Tanner flicked his tongue over the tight point, and then blew over it. He flicked the nipple again as he pushed his hand inside the waistband of Sinclair’s silk lounge pants, past his briefs. He closed his fingers around the erect flesh.
Tanner watched Sinclair. His eyes were half-mast as Tanner caressed him. Heat slithered through Tanner, hot and rough, pushing his own desire higher, but he wanted to give a little more pleasure. He wanted to see his husband well sated on their wedding night.
He released Sinclair’s shaft to kiss a path over the hard plane of Sinclair’s chest and down to his stomach. Tanner drew his tongue over Sinclair’s stomach, nipped at the hard-packed ab muscles before licking over the navel and down to his lower belly.
“Oh God, Tanner.” Sinclair breathed out harshly.
Tanner sank to his knees before Sinclair, looking up at him, loving the light of hunger glimmering in his man’s eyes. He pulled Sinclair’s pants down and his thick cock sprang free. Tanner licked his lips.
“Suck my dick, baby.” Sinclair grasped the thick length and pressed it to Tanner’s lips.
Tanner parted his lips over Sinclair’s dick and swirled his tongue around the mushroom head. With the point of his tongue, he licked slowly down the shaft to Sinclair’s balls. He licked and then sucked each one before using his hand to stroke the sack.
He pumped Sinclair’s cock before closing his mouth over the head and sucking the cock deep into his mouth.
“Damn, your mouth is lethal, sweet darlin’.” Sinclair pushed Tanner’s hair to one side so he could watch his cock slipping in and out of Tanner’s mouth.
Tanner drank in the bliss on Sinclair’s face as he scraped his teeth along Sinclair’s shaft.
“You’re killing me here, Tanner.”
Tanner bobbed his head up and down. “Mmm.”
“Enough.” Sinclair urged him up and Tanner pouted, but Sinclair claimed his mouth. The kiss was searing. “Let’s get rid of some of these clothes.” He tore Tanner’s shirt away before stroking his fingertips over Tanner’s skin.
Sinclair kissed him again before lowering his head to circle the nipple with the tip of his finger. He pinched the sensitive flesh and then licked the nipple.
“Undress,” Sinclair ordered and stepped back.
Tanner pushed his cotton pants down, dragging the briefs with them. He kicked them aside and watched as Sinclair removed his own pants. His body hard and sexy, the muscle just heavy, corded though not bulging.
Tanner tugged his own T-shirt over his head and cast it aside before moving around Sinclair to the bed. He sat on it as his man turned to follow. Sinclair opened the top drawer of the nightstand and removed a tube of lube, which he tossed onto the bed before putting a knee on the mattress. He claimed Tanner’s mouth in a greedy kiss as he urged Tanner back.
Sinclair trailed kisses down Tanner’s chest to a dusky nipple. He sucked hard, pinching the other nipple as he did so. Sinclair bit the tiny point and Tanner arched into him. The pleasure was so intense it bordered on pain. He closed his eyes and Sinclair bit him again.
“Mmm.” He stroked a hand over the back of Sinclair’s head. He liked the flares of pain. They made his cock pulse, giving off drops of pre-cum. Sinclair played his moist tongue over the areola. He licked the small point before kissing his way from one nipple to the other. Sharp teeth scraped, caught the taut bead.
“Oh my God, Sinclair!” He hissed as he ran his fingers down Sinclair’s back. 


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