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Mating Games on Ice
"Jaden what are you doing? Get back here"
"Darby, didn't you hear Ricky and his friends? They're going to the Ice games in Siberia." Jade said as he buzzed his way as fast as he could to catch up with the small group before they left Councilman Egan's tent area.
"You cannot be serious. We're bugs for goodness sake. Bugs and freezing weather really don't go well together, Jaden." Darby said as he quickly flew in front of his friend.
Jaden loved his best friend with everything in him. They were like brothers and did everything together, but right now Jaden wished he could kick the dragonfly's ass. Because unlike his ladybug wings, dragonflies had four wings that operated with different muscles, they were not only fast, but could do really cool shit. They have the ability to make sharp turns, adjust their stroke plane with one wing and readjust with another, and they could also hover, like Darby was doing now, right in front of his flight path to the tent of his future, "Darby move out of my way."
"I can't let you do this Jaden. You go to Siberia and you're going to die of hypothermia. Come on, think about this." Darby begged.
All Jaden had ever done was think about the possibility of his mate. What would he look like, at least he really hoped his future mate was a man, otherwise he would have to make some serious life changes.
"Jaden, come on, you can't seriously think you'll find your mate in Siberia? Why the heck would fate be so cruel?" Darby asked moving left, then right quickly to stop Jaden from continuing forward.
"You know how much I want to find my mate and I'll go to any lengths to get him, even if it means I might freeze my balls off in Siberia."
Darby stayed hovering and dodging Jaden left then right, stopping him from proceeding forward, "Dang it Darby move, before I miss them." Jaden begged.
Darby sighed loudly, "Fine, but I think you're absolutely insane. It's cold as heck in Siberia. Snow all over the place and damn it they said it is in Tiksi. That is the one of the coldest places there."
Jaden knew his best friend was right, but Jaden had to at least try. He hadn't told Darby yet, but Jaden had recently had a dream. He was being chased by some really crazed dog in the snow and this wonderful beast came out from the woods and saved Jaden's life. He knew the moment their eyes met, that this was his mate.  He just knew it, "I'm going. Tell my parents I'll be back when I can."
Jaden faked a left then went right and raced to where he had seen Q go earlier with Ian.
"There they are!" Jaden yelled out joyously.
Flying as fast as he could Jaden finally made it into the tent where the group was meeting. He was shocked when Darby whispered, "Please don't do this, Jay. I don't have any other friends and I don't want the one I do have becoming a insectsicle."
"What are you doing here Darby? Go back to your family, before they leave without you." Jaden hissed quietly.
"Did you hear something?" Ian asked.
"No, I didn't hear a thing, babe. Maybe your just missing Mary and Suzette. Those girls are always chattering, you're just used to it." Colby replied softly.
Ian's voice sounded sad, "I really hate leaving the girls with Mom and Dad. I miss them already."
Colby then said  in a suggestive tone, "Oh please your parents are going to spoil them rotten. Besides, this gives us just you and me time. Gives me some very interesting ideas."
Ian sighed, "Yeah I guess. I just hate leaving them so soon. When are our lives going to be normal again?"
"Sweetie, this will be over soon. Then we can go home and raise our kids and be the parents every kid is embarrassed by." Colby replied playfully.
Jaden felt himself slip a bit when Cody grabbed Ian, to give him a kiss. Jaden sure hoped they didn't do more than that. He had heard these guys a time or two and he wasn't into voyeurism either. Besides, the way they go at it he'd end up squished.
Moving higher, Jaden could see that everyone was packing up. Q was holding something wrapped in a fleece blanket and Councilman Egan was talking on the phone. Seconds later Joop walked in with Ricky and their mates.
"Sorry we're late, but Mikey was not happy we were heading to Siberia without him. I don't know how mom did it, but she convinced him she and Kimmy needed him more. So are you guys ready to hit the road?" Ricky asked.
"Jotham said his plane is waiting on the tarmac for us. He's still trying to get a hold of the Councilmen in Siberia. Odin and his mate arrived there yesterday. They were heading out to the mating game area the last we heard." Ian explained.
"I finally talked with Krill." Jotham said as he put his phone away and walked to Q peaking in the blanket then to his little mate. The look of love Jaden witnessed had him yearning for someone to look at him like that.
Jaden whispered, "This is why I'm willing to freeze to death to find my mate. Look how Councilman Egan looks at his mate. I want someone to look at me that way."
Darby used one of his wings to slap at Jaden, "Well I would love to see what look your talking about, but you're kind of in the way."
"Hush, so I can hear." Jaden rasped.
"Damn it is anyone else hearing voices?" Ian hissed in frustration.
Everyone shook their heads, Joop laughed saying, "Take your meds Ian they will all go away."
"Very funny. Hey Ricky feel like shifting. I think Joop misses your skunk."
Joop stuck his tongue out and cuddled closer to Kahn.
Jaden could see Ricky was getting annoyed by his friends and wanted to change the subject, "I'm glad Krill finally answered his phone." .
Jotham scoffed, "He called me. He said he didn't buy Odin's story about his mate coming to find his family. I had to explain to him what's been going on. Krill and Vagin are sending men out looking for possible locations to find Troy."
"Move over Jaden, I can't see shit." Darby said in complaint.
"Shush, I'm trying to hear this." Jaden replied quietly.
Ian shook his head and Jaden  almost flew off the man's head. Darby flapped his stupid wings and to keep hold of his spot.
"Ian what the heck is your problem?" Ricky asked.
"Nothing, I'm just losing my mind." Ian asked.
Joop laughed, "Don't you have to have one to lose?
Ian turned his head towards Joop, saying, "I swear when we get to Siberia I am so hiding your thermal underwear. Oh wow that reminds me. Joth, you did get all our clothing orders in, right? Because I have to tell you freezing my balls off in Siberia just doesn't sound like a good time."
"Yes, Ian. Everyone's order was placed a few days ago and should be on the plane when we get there."
"Good because Colby does love my balls." Ian replied in a funny tone.
Colby grabbed Ian again, wiggled his brows, "I promise I'll suck them warn before I let them freeze off, baby."
"Okay that is just nasty wrong. I will never be able to get that visual out of my mind." Joop muttered.
Kahn smiled and hugged his mate close, "I can just do the same and give you a whole new visual."
"Okay guys we have got to head out. Krill and Vagin only got the abridged version of our story. We need to get there before Troy ends up taking other shifters for his bull shit." Jotham said.
Jaden found it interesting when Q looked at Jotham, and then Jotham replied, "Yes sweet heart, the baby is going to be just fine. Your pouch is designed for thermal care for our child."
"What does he mean? What baby? What pouch?" Darby asked quietly.
Jaden wished his wings worked like Darby's , right about now he would slap the crap out of the guy just to get him to be quiet. It was only a matter of time before Ian started smacking his head or something and that could get them killed. Sometimes it really sucked being a bug.
"Jaden, what is the Councilman Egan talking about?" Darby hissed softly once more.
Turning to his friend, Jaden rasped, "I don't know. Now be quiet or go away."
"You know you used to be the nicest guy. Lately you're moody and mean." Darby said sadly.
Jaden felt horrible. He loved Darby, he really did. It's just that he's so annoying sometimes. Darby didn't feel like he would die if he didn't find his mate like Jaden did. Then again, Darby had the sweetest family. He had two brothers a little sister, his mom and dad that doted on him every step of the way.
Jaden had been happy as a boy. His parents were so much in love and they doted on each other all the time. His dad never missed a birthday, anniversary, or a chance to touch and kiss on his mom. They always talked about how special it was when you found your true mate. Feeling the love from the moment of the mating was like no other feeling in the world. Knowing that you would never be alone again until the day you died. Jaden wanted that. He needed that and he had been looking for his mate since the day he turned twenty one. However, when his parents died in a car crash last year, his need for his mate had intensified. Almost to the point of obsession.
"Jay, I know your parents death really hit you hard and all, but this is not the way to go. We can make arrangements to attend the council ball. Everyone who is anyone goes to that shindig."
Shaking his bug head, Jaden whispered, "No, Darby. I know that I'm close to finding him. Please, understand I have to do this."
Darby sighed, "Okay, Jaden if you are going then I'm going."
"What? You don't have to go there with me? Why would you put your life in danger like that? You don't even want a mate." Jaden argued softly.
"Because you are my best friend and if you're going to die of hypothermia, then you shouldn't die alone. Besides, we've always done everything together. Why should this be any different? Who knows maybe my mate will be someone out there balls deep in snow." Darby replied with a false happiness to his voice.
Jaden held on tight as Ian moved and it didn't take long until they were boarding the plane and it was moving down the runway and lifting into the air, "Here we go, Darby. We are on our way to the next round of Mating Games."
Darby snorted, "Yeah, on ice and most likely our death"
If bugs could smile, Jaden would be grinning ear to ear, "No, Darby, this is our path to a new beginning."
Midnight has always struggled to understand why his parents would leave him alone and defenseless in the woods as a newborn. Now a man insists he has the answers to what happened and a future planned for him beyond any reasonable man's dream. Walking into the room and seeing six of the largest sexiest beast he had ever laid eyes on and another cutie in the corner, surprised and piqued Midnight's interest.
Discovering the body of the man Law had always looked at as the father he never knew was a rough day. Finding out that the man was not who he said he was, was even harder. Now he is told that the only way he can keep his home and help his people is if he mates with not only one of the sexy men sitting across from him but also a man he has fought and argued with since the day he arrived on the Refuge/Ranch.
Shaw didn't know what the hell fate was thinking asking him to mate with Law and a young man he had never laid eyes on before. He didn't know if he could do it. Even after being told that the fate of all shifters and paranormals depended on him doing just that.
Then shots are fired, and people are fighting for their very lives. Can Law, Shaw, and Midnight come together as fate has deemed or will the shifter world cease to exist?

I was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky. I’m a military brat that travelled a bit overseas and throughout many parts of the United States. I finally settled in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I eventually got married and then divorced. I was blessed with two fantastic sons. As they grew up and became young men chasing their dreams, I felt that maybe now was the time for me to do the same. That’s when I started writing. Never in a million years did I expect to meet the most wonderful man in the world, move to Quebec, Canada, and get married. However, that is exactly what happened. JP has introduced me to things like; canoeing, snowmobiling, four wheeling, and has taken me to some of the most beautiful locations. Ones that I had only ever seen on a computer or read about in a books. I may miss my mountains and my boys, but have discovered that when you work towards your dreams, the future can be one filled with happiness and love. My boys are only a plane ride away, and Skype is a glorious thing. So I say, on to my next adventure…don’t be shocked to find it in one of my books.
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