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Wrong Place, Right Time
By Bronwyn Heeley
©2016 by Bronwyn Heeley
Cameron sat on the throne at the top of the room, seated up above the dance floor and tables the guests at the party enjoyed. To everyone else it looked as if he put himself there to lord his position on all who attended, nodding as they bowed and whispered but a brief thanks for their attendance, he’d returned the jester, each time, hating being there all the more.
“Matchmaker.” One of the men guarding him nudged him awake. His eyes flickered to the left, where the guard stood, just slightly before he caught himself and looked down upon the lady’s curtsying in front of him. He wasn’t sure what they had said or what they wanted. Though if he was honest there was a fifty-fifty chance that they either wanted to know if their matches were here or if he’d bless their mating.
“Will you honour us?” one of the women repeated with hesitation, clearly thinking he wasn’t going to allow the match.
Taking a deep breath, Cameron sat up straighter and allowed his eyes to shift to what he’d been told was a deep almost black purple. He knew what they witnessed, the colour covering the whole orb, there is only purple, no pupils, no whites.
On his end, all he saw was an array of colour as he opened his eyes. Pulsing ribbons danced on the floor, above the dancers, reaching for the sky tangling with each other, sniffing them out, tasting. This was auras, the parts only his type of power saw. 
Cameron looked down at the woman before him. They were a match as much as anyone else was, maybe not true mates, but even he didn’t get to match true mates often, they were just that rare. However it didn’t mean a person didn’t get a match, wouldn’t have a mate for life, things just weren’t that cut and dry. A heart had more love than that. A body held more need. And there was multiple opportunities for love to set and for them to be truly happy until death pulled them apart.
“Matchmaker,” one of the woman gasped, her colour spiking as she started to panic. He’s already had them on edge, waiting for him to wake up, and now, for him to see. He tried his hardest to always forget that he was a puppet and seen as unfriendly, ungenerous to those who came for his blessing.
“Blessed be,” he whispered down at them, nodding and connecting their lines a little more than was already together. It would allow for them never to be separated by magical forces.
“Thank you,” the other one sobbed a joyful sound as the couple embraced with a quick kiss and hurried off.
Cameron felt a spark of joyful light hit his heart and then quickly died as he sat up in his chair. He wanted what he granted other more than anything. Well, that wasn’t true. He’d much prefer not to be tethered to a chair and owned by a vampire who just wanted him so he could hold a matchmaker over the rest of the paranormal world.
Before he could blink away his sight, the vampire in question walked up from behind him. He was an ominous black cloud which made Cameron want to run and find shelter, but instead, he stood still and allowed the darkness to take him over. He’d been here for a long time, he understood the rules, and if he didn’t at least make a handful of people connect then he’d be sent to the dungeons, and no one wanted to go there. Maybe especially those who knew they would be coming back out of them by the end of the week. He had longed to be sent there to die, rather than the torture he’d had to endure. 
“Now, matchmaker,” the darkness spoke, his voice deep and evil. His tone talked down, sneering the name rather the how the woman had spoken it. There was no love. No hope or wonder. Just darkness and the added bonus of pain if he didn’t do what was asked of him.
Taking in a deep breath, Cameron looked out over the crowd, finding links and wrapping them up together. Each connection knew what was about to happen if they were lucky enough to be connected by him. They’d drop everything in front of them in order to search for the one Cameron chose for them. They could try to resist, but all that would entail was a lust so painful it would drive them insane.
No one would take that over a twenty-four hour fuck feast they were all welcome to have as that’s something they knew would happen as soon as they stepped into the ballroom.
He then pulled on the lust strands of everyone else in the room. It was important, and what the vampire wanted more than anything else. The gratefulness of a true connection those gave the vampire was an added bonus but facts where they’d come for an orgy of sorts, and that’s what Cameron had to give them. 
“Let the fun begin,” he mumbled as felt his eyes shudder and his body sag. The power he’d used rung him so dry his guard had to put a hand under his elbow and nearly carry him out of the room.

Chapter One
Matty’s spine snapped up straight as lust shot through his body and settled into his balls so quickly they ached from the sudden heaviness. His whole body tingled and he wanted to rock his hips against the dress pants and explode.
“Shit, Matty, we gotta get out of here,” John grabbed at his arm, the platter he held tumbled out of his hands, hitting the floor in a loud clutter no one seemed to notice.
“Forget it, Matt, come on we can’t be in here.” John kept on pulling him, walking faster and faster as they headed towards the swinging door which led into the kitchen.
“I don’t…” understand.
“I know. I know. We normally get a call ahead of time when they have him turn up the party, but for some reason, they went in early.”
“Early? What’s going on?”
“Come on Matty. You can’t seriously have never heard of what happens at these parties.”
“No, I’ve…I’m—” His words tumbled and then stopped altogether as a large man stood between him and the doorway.
“Move, wolf,” John growled low in his throat, trying not to pull any more attention to them but clearly wanting the man—werewolf—gone.
“Mine,” the wolf growled back, causing goose bumps to ride up Matty’s spine, his toes to curl, and his cock to leak.
“Yours,” he replied to the wolf.  There was only one thing in the whole room, him and the large man in front of them.
“Oh fuck,” John muttered, dropping his hand from Matty’s arm. “Shit.” He moved in front of Matty, blocking his view. Matty took a step sideways, needing to see the wolf, needing him in his eye line. A loud ruckus happened behind them. Matty wasn’t sure what the hell was going on, he didn’t care, all he wanted to do was stand there and stare.
“Fuck it,” John said to him, “It’s not like it’s either of our faults. He didn’t fucking warn us! But that doesn’t mean—” he squeaked, jumping, moving away quickly with a rushed “You’re on your own,” thrown over his shoulder.
The wolf moved as John did, coming forward, bring more of him into Matty’s world. The musky flavour of the large man wrapped around him, making his rock closer, lift up onto his toes, trying to get them to line up.
His fingers wrapped around the other man’s biceps, which were rock hard and jumping under his palms. A growl worked out of the wolf’s throat as he leant down, his lips slanting over Matty’s as his own hands went around him, cupping his arse and pulling him up. Matty gasped at the sudden move, his legs automatically wrapping around the wolf’s waist and opening for a tongue to invade his mouth.
Cock and balls smashed up against the wolf, hard and heavy the pressure had him moaning. Those hands massaged the muscles of his arse. That tongue mastered his mouth, and Matty melted. He wanted….he wanted… Oh, gods, he wanted more. He wanted to be naked and rutting and fucking. He needed to be fucking.
“More,” he groaned as they parted for breath. Not moving more than a breath away from each other.
“Name.” He moved them, each step rocking Matty against the wolf relieving some of the brutal agonies of the lust.
“Matty,” he panted out his hips working against the man. “You?”
“Good to know,” Matty panted.
“Yep,” he said, totally agreeable.
They ended up against a wall. Matty pushed up against it as Gavin dropped him slight in order to get there covered cocks to line up. They groaned together at the first rub, Matty’s head fell back at the sound, not able to breathe from the pleasure let alone with a tongue in his mouth. Panting, his head hit the wall, leaving his neck open to the wolf.
Matty should have been scared. He was a lone human in the arms of a paranormal. Hell, he wasn’t even meant to be there that night, but they’d needed him to work, and he’d been the only one not already taken up with a vampire. It was usual, he didn’t particularly like being a blood whore, but when you lived on the street, and someone offered a warm bed and three meals a day, you generally don’t ask too many questions before agreeing. 
“Gods, I want to strip off your clothes and slide my cock into you right here, right now.”
“Yes!” Please. Yes!
Gavin’s mouth came back on his, fingers pushing roughly against the seam of his slacks. Matty’s body trembled. His cock pulsed. His balls became harder, fuller as he rutted and pushed and sucked on the tongue being thrust into his mouth. He wanted to come so much. Wanted the tingle and the moving to get him off so he could calm down just slightly and get themselves to a bed. But the heat just got higher. Stronger. Painful.
“Need,” he whined as the pain intensified, pulling him away from the pleasure and making it impossible for him to enjoy himself.
Gavin muttered something between an apology and a curse and got himself back to his feet. He shifted, rolled and almost naturally tossed Matty over his shoulder.
They moved fast, Gavin nearly running. Matty thumped on his shoulder, his stomach not liking the movement, nor his head as he looked down at the back of strong thighs and the hard orbs of arse cheeks. His hands braced himself on the small of the wolf’s back.
He was about to protest, but then Gavin moved his hand further up Matty’s thigh and onto his arse, his thick thumb pushed up between his legs, landing on his aching balls, full and heavy the thumb massage them, moving in big round circles and Matty’s eyes whited out. He didn’t see anything, not where they were, not what he’d just been looking at, his whole being had narrowed down to a thumb moving against him.
“I’m hurrying,” Gavin ground out, and it seemed to Matty he was answering words he’s not noted saying.
“Here!” A door banged on a wall as Gavin threw it open, and then slammed back into place, while Gavin moved them into a room, which Matty knew looked like all the others in the palace. His movements were rough as he pulled Matty off his shoulder and tossed him onto an overstuffed mattress.  He bounced once and then his fingers awkwardly stumbled against the button of his slacks and the zipper while kicking off his shoes and pushing his pants and underwear off at the same time.
Then he started on his top, unbuttoning the first three and then ripping the thing off over his head and throwing it over the side of the bed. He went for his socks but couldn’t seem to grip one. He wasn’t going to look at why because he’d just gotten a good look at the wolf and it completely broke his brain.
Tall, dark, wide shoulders, strong legs, thick cock. His mouth salivated.

Chapter Two
Gavin grinned wide at the look of utter lust on the wee human’s face. He was naked except for his black socks, which he’d started to reach for but looking at Gavin seemed to have railroaded the attempt. His plump lips were open slightly, moist breath fragrancing the air. Slack-jawed and large eyes that burnt him with lust.
“Found something you liked?”
Matty nodded dumbly, a pink tongue came out and wet along his bottom lip. His eyes shifted, roaming like a caress against Gavin as he stepped forward. Reaching the end of the bed, he took over Matty’s job, though the dark socks against the white of his calf held some appeal he needed to see everything. To have everything Matty was presenting to him. Gavin knew it was the magic that did it to him. How he got to be so lucky, he didn’t know, and would never ask. He wasn’t stupid. He didn’t want Matty taken from him.
Yeah, he knew they might not make a full connection that the lust might be it, it might end, and there’d be nothing left. Hell, Matty might not even want a relationship and therefore would walk away from Gavin, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t fight hard to keep the human as his own.
The first sock came off easy, the second not so much but was removed as a resulted of Gavin pulling Matty closer to him, while opening him up and letting Gavin look at the flushed cock and tight balls.
The sock went flying, and Gavin kept a hold of Matty’s ankle, keeping the leg up out of the way while his other hand went to Matty’s stomach and moved up.
He was smooth and thin, twink like and perfect. The only hair was a soft trail from belly button to groin where it cradled his cock, drawing his eyes. Keeping them there, but then that wasn’t hard as Gavin was in pain and knowing the only one who could make it better was laying right there, didn’t allow his eyes to stray.
“Please,” Matty whined, the leg Gavin wasn’t holding shifted restlessly, bending, the heel hitting the bedding, his hips rolling. “Please!”
“Don’t worry, pretty.” Gavin’s voice nearly bottomed out from lust. His eyes lifted off the man under him, searching quickly for something that wasn’t spit…spit…that would be hot, nothing at all but him and Matty…no he didn’t want to hurt the wee human.
He needed lube. He needed something else because he was already hanging on by a breaking thread and there was no way once his cock got wrapped around hot flesh he’d be able to do anything but rut and come.
Sitting on the nightstand was a large pump bottle of lube, along with tissues and he was going to guess wipes, but he didn’t pay that much attention as he leant over and pushed the top, pumping three large dollops onto the bottom of his fingers. The cold had registered for a split second before he came back to Matty, who’s had his hand wrapped around his cock, his head thrown back, a flush working down his chest. His stomach moved with rapid breath and the tightening from his thrusts.
Beautiful. Truly. Holy.
Rolling his fingers into the lube in his palm, he wet himself up and reached for his lover. His mate.
The thought, the idea, the meaning made him shiver and his balls to roll as a blob of come came out of his piss slit. His whole body vibrated with the need to just slather his cock and push on in. His wolf whined inside him, pulling him back, not wanting him to hurt their one and only.
His hand ran over Matty’s balls, slicking up the dark curls as he rubbed his fingers and then palms over them, playing a little while as his fingers rubbed against the smoothness behind them, hitting the light fluff of more hair, sucking in his breath at the pulsing hole.
The hot, wrinkled skin relaxed and tightened as he ran his wet finger over the muscles. They wanted to let go, to open up, to have him inside as much as Gavin wanted to be there. And Matty did, his body opening up beautifully, Gavin slipped two fingers in, heat encasing them, the lube making him glide in a way that had his cock jump around in front of his body.
Three fingers and Matty called out, demanding he hurry up. “Hurry up and fuck me!”
  “Going to,” Gavin chuckled, his fingers coming out of Matty, his hand moving, touching himself. Lubed cock, and then Gavin finished leaning over Matty, one hand around his cock, probing for that sweet hole, the other next to Matty’s head. He leant in, going to that mouth, those lips, and a tongue that blew his mind.
They met, Matty’s arms coming around his neck, pulling him further into his lean body, his mouth just as enthusiastic as Gavin’s. He gasped into Matty’s lips, as the little man’s hips lifted, legs wrapping around his hips, digging into the small of his back. Cock and balls warmed further as they pressed into the bottom of his stomach…or was it his pubic area? Oh, he didn’t give a shit. All he cared about was the feeling of Matty all nicely snugged under him as his cockhead found the opening of his anus and popped into the cavern of heat.
He moaned deeply as he slowly entered his mate. Matty’s arms wrapped tighter around his neck, his body arching into Gavin. Gavin watched from right up close as Matty’s head fell backwards, his eyes glazed, his mouth open on a scream that accompanied the pleasure Gavin felt. The need and the lust that had been manipulated into them. But this was something else, something more than just the magic created by another. This was everything that having a mate should be.
Gavin bottomed out, his own eyes shuttering as Matty’s muscles welcomed him in, massaged him as they worked out what the hell he was doing there.
“Move. God damn it. Move!”
Gavin chuckled, deep, rich, pleased. So fucking pleased.
His mouth latched onto Matty’s as he dragged his cock out of Matty’s body. His cockhead lingering, getting clamped down by the opening muscles. And then he went back in again. Deep, slow, living in these settling moments, getting used to the body, the pleasure, the idea that he was inside his mate for the first time. He owned this part of Matty’s body as no one would ever again because Gavin wouldn’t let it.
Gavin’s teeth lengthened in his mouth as his wolf came out from where it sat while he was in human form. The beast shared his gaze, getting a look with eyes which he’d only seen from scent and magic.
Gavin pushed himself up onto his hands. Matty’s arms fell away, landing out wide as their gazes locked and Gavin’s hips set up a faster pace. Pushing pulling, moving shaking, he went at it, his arms bracing against the mattress as he watched, knowing his eyes glittered with the feralness of his wolf.
“Faster” was all Matty said after gazing up at him in all his glory.
“Magical.” Gavin heard the wonder in his tone. He felt it in his body and in his hips as he moved, shifted, stood up. He grabbed Matty’s legs, bringing them from around his waist. Holding just under his knees, Gavin pulled him closer, tilted his hips and started fucking.
Part two coming January 23rd...

Less Than A Day and In This Life & Beyond
Flipped 1 [A BonyDee Challenge]
by April Kelley & Bronwyn Heeley
Less Than a Day by April Kelley
The door between the Upperworld and Otherworld only opens twice a year. Samhain marks one of those days and even though Talli’s Oberon forbids him from leaving the Otherworld, Talli walks right through the door. Talli has never seen a real human before. Once he gets a glimpse and experiences a bit of what the Upperworld has to offer he fully intends to go back to his friends and the library he loves so much. That is, until the first human he sees just so happens to be his soulmate.
 In This Life and Beyond by Bronwyn Heeley
Sometimes it’s as simple as wanting to be more than history claims you can be
Beltane is a special time of year, the beginning of summer where the festival of the Great Rite of sexual union between Goddess and Gods is celebrated. And that’s exactly what Ashley needs in order to collect what he’s always wanted.
 A fairy, werewolf and vampire walk into a bar, they walk out soul bound to a witch, who happens to be so much more…
TRIGGER WARNING: dealing with suicide

 “Let’s follow the trail,” Kele said and started down a dirt path on their right. That path cut into the woods around them and was just wide enough for them to walk down it side by side.
Talli nodded, unable to speak as the sheer magnitude of what they had just done finally hit him. By the gods, they were in the Upperworld, walking where humans had walked. His footsteps matched that of the humans. He might actually get to see a human if he was lucky. Talli turned, walking backwards for a second.
The area was so very different compared to the Otherworld. The forests at home were greener, with foliage everywhere and giant rocks rising up amongst the trees. Moss usually grew on the stones in all its green patchy glory. Both stone and grass lived in a happy union that Talli had never really understood completely, although he loved being a part of it whenever he could tear himself away from his library.
On the Upper plane, everything was so flat with brown dirt under his feet, instead of green grass or rock. The trees looked like brown and gray skeletons without all the green leaves attached. Instead, the leaves littered the forest floor as if they were dead bodies.
The path ran right next to the pond for a small stretch and Talli looked over at the ripples in the water. The water was a dark blue, almost black color. At home, the water was a pale green and it stretched endlessly.
Even before the path opened up, Talli saw the white dwelling that had smoke coming out of a dark red chimney. Just beyond that were several red buildings. Talli had never seen anything like them. A white fence spanned out as far as Talli’s eyes could see. He saw black and white cows in the distance. Talli had read about the animals in some of the books back at his library. Humans ate animals. While he thought the practice disgusting, perhaps he understood it to some degree. They ate what they had available. In the Otherworld, eating animal flesh wasn’t necessary.
Talli pointed to them and grinned at Kele.

Ashley stumbled, steadying himself on a thin tree before he went down. He blinked the memory away. He shouldn’t have been thinking about the past anyway, not when he was trying to walk up to a pub that would do anything it could to turn him away for not being evil enough. Yeah, he was heading towards a grand establishment, but he had to do what he had to do.
Shaking his head, Ashley tried to get himself to snap out of the guilt he was feeling over what was about to happen. He couldn’t do what was needed if he let himself get eaten up over the whole thing. He needed to pull himself together and carry on. It was necessary.
Yes. He nodded to himself, standing up straight, holding his head high, and continued to walk down the narrow path that would lead him towards his destiny. The trees, standing tall and thin around him, were silent like no other place ever had been before. It became more and more ominous the closer he got to his destination.
Wet and mouldy, it smelt like earth, like still water in a closed room, and yet not quite. There was something just outside his knowledge, which Ashley knew was a kind of magic. Magic that would keep the undesirable away. It just so happened, that what they would call ‘undesirables’ were the kind of people you’d take home to mother.
It wasn’t as common knowledge as one would have thought, but the only way he was able to get to the pub was because of the blood from his heritage and the unsavouriness of his future.
Even still, with those points and the marks his mother had carved into his body in order to protect him, he still wasn’t evil enough and because of that, his gut continued to churn as his muscles screamed for him to turn away and run. He knew it was all a trick. It was the magic rubbing up against him, telling him he needed to fear it so much he couldn’t go any further. He knew, and probably because he was a witch, was able to tell what was happening. But that didn’t stop it’s pull, the instinct to obey.
Ashley swallowed hard. His heart beat in his throat, pounding inside his chest. His fingers tapped against his thigh. His legs became heavier as if he was trying to get himself through hip-high mud after he’d run a marathon.
APRIL KELLEY: Living in Southwest Michigan, April resides with her husband and two kids. She has been an avid reader for several years. Ever since she wrote her first story at the age of ten, the characters in her head still won't stop telling their stories. If April isn't reading or writing, she can be found outside playing with the animals or taking a long walk in the woods. If you wish to contact her, email Please visit her website at
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